Tariffs on aluminum canadian: “tactics of intimidation”, said Uniforms and equipment

Tarifs sur l’aluminium canadien: des «tactiques d'intimidation» dit Unifor

TORONTO – The union Uniforms believes that the threat of imposition of new tariffs on aluminum canadian by the american administration are “intimidation tactics” and urged the Trudeau government to not give in.

According to rumors, Washington considers réimposer tariffs on aluminium canada if Ottawa refuses to reduce its exports south of the border.

Wednesday, Uniforms and equipment, has asked Ottawa to stand firm in the face of what it describes as “misinformation campaign”.

According to the agency “Bloomberg”, the association of American Primary Aluminum (APAA), which represents companies Aluminum Co. and Magnitude 7 Metals LLC, a required rate of 10 % supporting an increase of the aluminum from Canada led to a fall in prices.

“I urge you to reject any request for a concession the american authorities in this matter,” wrote the national president, Uniforms and equipment, Jerry Dias, in a letter sent Wednesday to prime minister Justin Trudeau.

“We must not let these intimidation tactics to succeed. I urge you to stand firm in the face of this campaign of misinformation and to reject any quota that would disrupt again the aluminium industry and would result in layoffs unnecessary.”

Recall that the administration of Donald Trump had imposed additional charges against the steel and aluminum in canada between may 2018 and may 2019.

Uniforms and equipment the estimates that this tax was not justified the first time and that the new claims are arbitrary.

“The allegation of the APAA does not take into account the headwinds facing the industry, including the economic slowdown caused by the COVID-19 as well as a dramatic increase of foreign imports non-canadian from countries such as China and Russia during the last decade”, a-t-is specified by press release.

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