Tatiana Litvinova: “When I set fire to my restaurant seemed to have burned something inside of me”

Татьяна Литвинова: «Когда подожгли мой ресторан, казалось, сгорело что-то у меня внутри»

The STB channel has started filming the eighth season of culinary reality “Masterchef”. For four months, the project team traveled around the country, selecting the most interesting and unusual parties that could fight for the title of best chef of Ukraine.

Hundreds of selected chefs spent several weeks in Kiev, taking part in a television casting calls, which the viewer sees at the beginning of the fall season. The jury composed by Tatiana Litvinova, of Hector Jimenez-Bravo and Dmitry Gorovenko selected among them the fifty chefs that will enter into a decisive battle for the victory. Specially for the filming of the project channel rents a large room in Brovary, where auditions are held from morning to late evening.

After a short break, the participants who are fortunate enough to go on, once again will gather in Kyiv in training camp. And while the judges and crew pause. Well-known culinary expert and judge of the project Tatiana Litvinov admitted that he will spend his holidays, went with the family on a trip to Italy.

— We just finished filming auditions for the new season, — said Tatiana Litvinova. — I admit, I am surprised every time how much we have interesting and talented people. You know, it’s like to cook a new dish — kind of know the recipe, and the taste is constantly the other. By the way, the audience will see the party they remember from past seasons. Until the fifties he could walk, look, will the competition continue.

— For you it is already a season?

Sixth. I admit, sometimes I think: is not tired? And every time, once again on the set, you know that I like it. You know, we find ourselves in a completely different world, detached from reality, the daily worries. When you start shooting, work regardless of holidays, weekends. Can finish work well after midnight. Experience stress, but still the next day again harmony prevails.

By the way, the camera recorded only once. No cuts and editing. Sometimes, the participants becoming ill on the Playground, but even in this case, do not turn the camera off. The whole process is in real time. For real. For all seasons was not one of the times that the competitions were filmed in the replay.

Татьяна Литвинова: «Когда подожгли мой ресторан, казалось, сгорело что-то у меня внутри»
* Tatiana Litvinov is a member of the jury of the project “Masterchef” for the sixth consecutive season

— What is your diet in such a tight schedule of filming?

It is clear, that is prepared by project participants, we just try. Otherwise, after a few seasons, the jury simply would not fit into the TV. I try to eat normally, especially not limiting, because it consumes a lot of energy. Often take food from the house, what she cooked for the whole family.

The dishes that do not change their taste and useful qualities of reheating in a microwave oven. Usually they are cooked in sauce, goulash, roast. Currently trying this way to cook a lot of vegetables, seasoning them with a sauce of olive oil and cream. It is light and well digestible food. Now is the season for zucchini, I love this vegetable and “distorted” in various recipes.

— A summer of abandon hot drinks.

I have another trend — I decided to limit myself to coffee. Try not to drink more than three cups a day. I find it quite difficult, because it has long been a coffee lover. But I feel that an excessive amount of it greatly dehydrates the body. And water is the essential resource that helps us all to stay young and strong. But drinking tea even in the summer. However, in this time of year prefer green.

— It is known that at the time you were the owner of a restaurant in Odessa.

— I have not. You know, the restaurant needs constant blood. It’s like a very young child who needs all the time to take the time to educate, to seek him “nannies”. Staff requires attention, training, and it is a waste of time. Therefore, without the personal involvement of the owner of such immersion in the business impossible. Me for this it would always be necessary to overcome large distance between Kiev and Odessa. Now these are excluded.

— Don’t miss it?

— Restaurant business — no. I’m ready to take in another thing, also related to feeding, but while about it early to speak.

— The truth is that on TV you got the chance?

— I lived in Kiev but was going to return to Odessa. Somehow to me at dinner, came a friend, and I made some pasta, pesto sauce, set the table. She wondered: “How did you…?!” Then she said that the project “vse bude dobre!” is looking for a culinary expert and I just have to go to a casting. I wondered: “What kind of culinary expert?!”

At the time I didn’t have the slightest idea about what works on television. Just was curious to try their hand and gain new experience. In General, absolutely nothing on hoping, went to the casting. Then I was asked to take part in it again, and much to my surprise I passed! In fact, the project “vse bude dobre!” was created. The program was filmed and then for a very long time, Nadia Matveeva literally slept in the Studio. I was a culinary expert, has shared recipes.

— It is known that at the time you played sports at a professional level.

— Received a discharge candidate master of sports. Volleyball really took a long time for most of my life. I went to training, in my opinion, even more than in school. At least Saturday has never been for me a day off. By the way, recently we met all our girls ‘ team. Not seen each other for many years, some came from abroad. I really wanted to feel young again.

The girls suddenly began to remember what I fed them then. We had a very open home, mom loved to receive guests, and all the friends from school, the training came to us. In the kitchen all the time something delicious was being prepared. And I including. Even on your one day off — Sunday — I went on two buses, with a transfer to get on Bringing. It was interesting to watch how cuts meat, fresh fish. Bought something from the products, came home and cooked a new recipe.

Татьяна Литвинова: «Когда подожгли мой ресторан, казалось, сгорело что-то у меня внутри»
* Tatiana, a former athlete and despite culinary preferences, looks great

— As a child you dreamed of having your own restaurant?

I somehow knew it would. I was 25 years old when he became its owner. Ten years I was engaged in this business quite successfully. Then the fire happened, and my restaurant burned down. I admit, it seems that then I have burned something inside. I didn’t even find out who did the arson. Decided that power is better to use for recovery. It was a very difficult period in my life. At that time I was already living in Kiev and realized that just needs to turn the page and start a new one.

— Continue to stay in shape?

— Of course, this is very important, especially for a former athlete. Muscle the frame I have formed for life. And you need muscle to keep in shape, to stretch, otherwise the elasticity is lost rapidly. Try to do at home and even on vacation. Now we will have a short break in the filming, and my husband and I are planning to go to Italy.

— On your birthday?

— Yes, this will be a gift for me from my husband. I’ve always wanted to visit Campanile coast. This area of Naples. We drive on the convertible. I already bought a white hat with a large brim and a long scarf. In General, drew a nice picture. We will visit Capri, Ischia — these places are in Italy some of the most beautiful and romantic. By the way, in the region’s many Michelin-starred restaurants, so it will taste good too.

The recipe for the jam of white cherry

1 kilo of berries (stoned) ½ kg sugar, ½ lemon medium size.

First you need to boil the syrup in which 1 kilogram of sugar is 100 milliliters of water. To the berries add the syrup and let stand for 10-12 hours. Then boil 2 hours all together. 1 kilogram of cherries add half of the lemon, grated (seeds of the lemon into the jam do not put). Cherry has a very thin and poorly pronounced flavour, so you need a lemon. The yellow part of the lemon is important, but the white is bitter and interfere, so you need to remove on the grate the yellow part and send in a jam, and white to throw away. Only after that the lemon can be rubbed on a grater and put in a jam. Allow the jam to boil, then cover in a beautiful jar — and before the winter not to touch!

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