Taxation of the digital: the United States “welcome” to return to the table

Taxation du numérique: les États-Unis « bienvenus » pour revenir négocier

PARIS | The United States “are welcome” to come back, whenever they want, to the table of negotiations on the tax digital, said Sunday the european commissioner for the internal Market, Thierry Breton, after the announcement of a “pause” by Washington in these international discussions difficult.

On Wednesday, the administration Trump, referring to the lack of progress on the issue of the taxation of the giants of the digital world, has decided a “pause” in the discussions that are taking place in the framework of the OECD and which should be concluded by the end of the year to a global agreement to tax groups such as the GAFA – acronym for Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon – are regularly accused of not paying their fair share of tax.

“It is almost came to an agreement. (Steven) Mnuchin (the us minister of Finance) has made it known that he wanted to leave the table of negotiations. In my life, I’ve done negotiations, it runs until the 31st of December, of course we go out of the room, we will see, it is coming back. They are welcome and will be able to come back in September, in October, not November and why not in December “, said Mr. Breton on RFI.

“And if there is no agreement in the OECD framework, our proposal, with my colleague Paolo Gentiloni, who is the european commissioner for the Economy, is ready and will be put on the table,” added Thierry Breton.

“We do not threaten anybody, it is said that this is just normal “. And there is ” not only the american platforms “, but also ” the major platforms in china, all the world will be put in the same boat. It is perfectly normal that in this space of information, one pays their fair tax, ” stressed the european commissioner.

The european commissioner for economic Affairs, Paolo Gentiloni, had hoped Thursday that the pause announced by Washington in these international negotiations on the taxation of the GAFA do would be ” not a final judgment “.

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