Taxes 2024: it’s D-day, are you entitled to automatic income declaration like 10 million households ?

From Thursday April 11, 2024, taxpayers will be able to declare their 2023 income. To simplify the process, the Ministry of the Economy has set up automatic declaration. We'll explain it to you.

It is possible from this Thursday, April 11, 2024 to declare your income for the year 2023 online. Since 2020, the Ministry of the Economy has simplified the process thanks to automatic declaration, indicatesWest France.

Who is affected?

This approach only concerns tax households which meet two specific conditions: you have been taxed only on income pre-filled by the administration and your family situation or your address does not have not changed.

If you are therefore concerned, you will receive or have already received an information email indicating the availability of your summary in your personal online space. Taxpayers who do not have access to the Internet will receive their new tax return in a suitable format, accompanied by documents presenting this method of declaration.

How to make the declaration?

You must verify the information pre-filled by the administration by following these steps:

Access your personal space Click on "verify information"

If everything is good, you have nothing more to do. The declaration will be automatically validated. But, if certain elements need to be modified or completed, you must do so, either online or using the paper form. You will then have to complete the declaration as usual.

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