TAYANNA told for whom he writes songs

Each composition TAYANNA is a specific personal story in poetry and music

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TAYANNA рассказала, для кого пишет песни


Sunday, April 28, at 23:00 TV channel “Ukraine” will show the big concert “Spring music platform”, which will be attended by famous Ukrainian artists. Behind the scenes, the artists shared interesting details of his life – in particular, the singer TAYANNA admitted, writes his own songs.

Each song of the singer quickly resonates in the hearts of fans. However, as it turned out, no commercial calculation in songs no, TAYANNA told the journalists of the channel “Ukraine”:

“I write music and words. All my songs are the story of my life, they are written with soul. Through them you can learn, what I live and breathe. For me songs are like a printed photo album, which you can access at any time and return at some point in their lives, feel the emotions that I lived, as well with the song. Reciting every word of the song I remember the condition in which he wrote a particular track. My creativity like women, in fact many people find my compositions a prototype yourself or friends. I like the Explorer for women together with me and thanks to my songs they are moving from one state or stage to another. And very happy that this always happens in a positive direction.”

In addition to TAYANNA, spring mood off the stage “Music platform” with the viewers of channel “Ukraine” will share Oleg Vinnik, ALEKSEEV, Sergey Babkin, Michele Andrade, Alyosha, Svetlana Tarabarova, Zlata ognevich, Olga Cybulski and many other artists.

See Grand concert “Music platform” on Sunday, April 28, at 23:00 on TV channel “Ukraine”.

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Also see the video about the behind the scenes “Music platform”:

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