TAYANNA told the whole truth about the relationship with Philip Kolyadenko

The singer admitted who initiated the breakup

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TAYANNA рассказала всю правду об отношениях с Филиппом Коляденко

TAYANNA and Philip Kolyadenko

Ukrainian singer Tatyana Reshetnyak, who recently admitted, who writes their songs, came on the show Glory, a weekly on the YouTube channel “Lux FM”, and spoke about the role of former men in her life.

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During an interview with Ukrainian singer did not hide the truth about their past relationships and sensually told about the affair with a member of the group KADNAY, Philip Kolyadenko, who was very fond of.

The popular singer has denied the rumors about the breakup, which was initiated by Philip. Tatiana admitted that these long-term relationship made it. Although this ending relationship with Philip has been very hard for her, for celebrities it was a necessary sacrifice that she had to go.

TAYANNA рассказала всю правду об отношениях с Филиппом Коляденко


“When you realize that younger man and he’s got a whole life ahead for development, to search for themselves, for self-improvement. And when you realize that you are burdened with a person, a family, a child, and he is not yet ready”, – said the singer.

According to the artist, her decision she pondered for 2 months and no longer wanted to continue the relationship, because then a dear person to let go would be even harder.

“I just let him go and realized that it would be better for both of us. He is still young, he needs to walk some more, write songs, ride to concerts, throw some wet shirts in girls. We had heavenly feelings and feelings, because Philip really inspired me. However, you cannot be selfish, we must let go, when internally I feel that people need freedom,” says the star.

By the way, during the affair with Philip TAYANNA wrote the song “Fabulous Inca”, which still sounds in the headphones of many of her fans.

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