Taylor Swift makes a young fan's dream come true

Taylor Swift fulfills a young fan's dream


A seven-year-old American girl went to attend a Taylor Swift concert with one very specific goal: to deliver a letter to her idol. Not only did she succeed, but she received a precious autograph from the singer in return.

“I thought it wouldn't happen, but it was worth trying,” says Gina Lanzino, the mother of young Bella, on TikTok. 

@momlifepartyof4 Quick little Taylor Story time! Yes, I'm using the bold filter because mama is exhausted 😂 Thank you @taylorswift @taylornation for making my girl so happy! #erastour #erastourtaylorswift #erastourlasvegas #vegas #taylorswift #taylornation ♬ original sound – Gina

The duo went to great lengths as soon as they arrived at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas last week. Gina Lanzino gave the missive to a theater employee, asking him to give it to Taylor Swift. When he promised to “do his best” to fulfill his mission, the mother believed that the file was closed. 

But no. 

“ About halfway through the show, people came to our section looking for Bella. I had completely forgotten the story of the letter at that point! They gave it to us, autographed by [Taylor Swift]. My daughter had written our section number on the back of her letter, but I never thought it would come back to her! “, relates Gina Lanzino. 

The autograph, she promises, will find its place, framed, on the wall of the little girl’s room. Gina Lanzino's TikTok video has since racked up nearly 200,000 views and 35,000 likes on the social network, no doubt giving ideas – and dreams – to many more Taylor Swift fans.