TD musiparc: irresistible Denis Drolet

TD musiparc: irrésistibles Denis Drolet

MIRABEL | Effective, the humour in formula ciné-parc? With their madness, crazy, Les Denis Drolet would be likely to be able to infuse a cheerful atmosphere in a confessional. The duo therefore had no difficulty to make hoot of laughter to his audience of cars in his show TD musiparc in Mirabel, on Thursday.

A flood had washed down the North Shore of Montreal a few hours earlier – deep puddles in the grass of the ICAR circuit Mirabel were still faith – evening, but the air was mild, and no droplet will was on the horizon when Denis came on the scene, a few seconds past 21h. Nice chance, it is a version “a little different” from their recent show, waiting for the nice weather (launched in 2018), Sébastien Dubé and Vincent Léonard offer in the framework of the series TD musiparc, in the drive-ins of the province, this summer.

Not the best raw in the career of Macinnis, but they are so wacky that they are the same fly each time. The passengers of the thirty cars present in their feet had fun in front of their antics, it felt, even a few meters of distance, each in his cabin.

“You’re here on the scene, we are happy to see you face”, was launched Denis pallet, yellow t-shirt and shoulder straps, red at the back, in the guise of a review mid-way of the delivery.

Striptease and confetti

The spectators sitting in their car, one has, of course, could not let himself be carried away by the waves of mirth and bursts of applause which shook the normally traditional theaters. But the enthusiastic response of a few people who had brought their folding chairs, as well as the loud voices that we could hear here and there through the windows down, convincing that our gentlemen bearded and pallets reached their target with their jokes, which have never been absurd.

Of course, the symphonies of car horns, which were echoed in turn or in complete harmony, left no doubt about the joy general. We even heard people banging on their door to show their contentment.

A aggression of confetti, an imitation of Francis Cabrel “who sings the theme of Walking Dead three hours no intermission”, the story of a participation in The love is in the meadow, a fake striptease silent Bearded generator (several honks felt), gags of essence of vanilla, an appearance of fictitious Tammy Verge, winks at Breen LeBoeuf, Roch Voisine, Bernard Pivot, and Colette Provencher in a tirade of five seconds, a “visit” to the mall: there was plenty to jump from the rooster to the donkey in this rant 100 % Denis pure juice.

The number on the differences between men and women, peppered with “jul”, of “penis” and “vagina”, will not go down in history, but an arrow unchecked to 2Frères, good friends recognized Denis in life, was tasty.

“Two big ugly who sing “tunes” on the flat. We will not fly our role…”, argued our two mads, to introduce a new song, The shower, perfectly ribald and burlesque.

Les Denis Drolet will be at Quebec, Friday, and in Bromont, Saturday, in the framework of the series TD musiparc. For information:

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