Team Dance has saved the evening

Team Dance a sauvé la soirée

We pay tribute to the Lost Fingers. The group gypsy jazz of Québec has put all his heart and was able to embark the audience in his madness, Wednesday evening, even if the bay of Beauport was not a popular destination in the evening of Canada day.

This was not won. From the outset, the formula of the musiparc has shown its limits when the quartet, now led by the charismatic young singer Rosalie Roberge, was installed on the stage in front of just about thirty vehicles.

Therefore, it lacked atmosphere.

Only a few applause polite spectators, necessarily scattered far enough away from each other, and shy blows a horn sounded when the Lost Fingers have launched the concert in pigeant in the directory disco Earth, Wind and Fire.

It fortunately has not slowed down the group, specialist in the nostalgia of all kinds, and who took advantage of the occasion to première in Québec and its new concept of battle of the hits of the 1990s.

The grunge swept

In a first time, the crowd has crowned their recovery fun, with nice effects, voice choked, for I Like To Move It at the expense of the anthem of the grunge Even Flow.

Despite our affection for Pearl Jam, the version of the dance hits popularized by Reel 2 Real was actually more of tone.

Afterwards, the semblance of a party has taken. At the invitation of Byron Mikaloff, the audience punctuated the horns with the “thunder” of Thunderstuck in a segment where the hits of AC/DC have made of confusing, but not unpleasant, colors jazz.

Back then to the battle. The grunge has suffered another setback, scathing that, when Outshined, of Soundgarden, has dropped the flag in the face of Missing. Final Score : 2-0 Team Dance.

Moreover, these are dancing songs that saved the evening. The more we progressed, the more it danced around the cars while the group déballait old success of Bananarama, and Deee-Lite.

Even with the reminder, of the spectators ventured to the front of the stage to wiggle on Pump Up the Jam and Cotton Eyed Joe while Rosalie Roberge and the musicians gave to heart joy on the boards. Their pleasure was infectious.

All this was very nice, but one could not help thinking that the pleasure would have been increased tenfold in an environment of traditional concerts.

The Lost Fingers are back on the scene of the bay of Beauport, on Thursday evening.

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