Tears: the dog was thrown of the owner even after his death

The man treated the dog as her companion, and she responded with devotion

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July 10, 11:39

Наворачиваются слезы: пес не бросил хозяина даже после его смерти

The dog sat two days near the corpse of the deceased owner

July 7, residents of San Kamphaeng the Thai city of Chiang Mai found in an abandoned warehouse the corpse of an elderly man, near which was a dog. Eyewitnesses claim that the dog even after the owner’s death, refused to move from it, according to the publication AsiaOne.

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Come on call the doctors found that the 82-year-old Kham Bangla died two days ago. Experts stressed that at the scene there were no traces that could testify about the murder or violent acts in relation to the deceased. The body was sent for examination to a local hospital.

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Friends of the deceased said Kham Bangla treated the dog as her companion, and she responded with devotion: were always there and everywhere followed.

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