Teen Wolf, the movie: it's official, Tyler Hoechlin (Derek) will play in the sequel

Teen Wolf, the movie: it's official, Tyler Hoechlin (Derek) will star in next

Teen Wolf fans have been going through a real emotional lift for the past few months. After celebrating the return of the series with a movie scheduled for Paramount Plus by the end of 2022 (no release date is yet known), they quickly mourned the future absence of Dylan O'Brien (Stiles) in the cast. Fortunately, we have just learned that the new adventure of our favorite pack can still count on the presence of Tyler Hoechlin who will resume his role as Derek.

It's official, the Teen Wolf series- whose last episode was broadcast on September 24, 2017 in the USA, will already be making a comeback. The twist? This will not take the form of a new season, but of a new film. The opportunity for the creators to tell an exciting new story within our favorite universe, especially since most of the cast will be present for this bonus adventure.

Indeed, if Dylan O'Brien (Stiles) did not manage to find an agreement to resume his role, other emblematic actors like Tyler Posey (Scott), Holland Roden (Lydia), Shelley Hennig (Malia) or even Crystal Reed (Allison) and Colton Haynes (Jackson) have agreed to participate in this adventure.

Derek's return to the movie Teen Wolf confirmed

And what about Tyler Hoechlin, the unforgettable interpreter of Derek? After months of suspense and crossed fingers, the mystery is lifted: he will also be present. The information has just been made official on the Twitter account of Teen Wolf who shared a photo of the actor's chair on the set, before declaring in caption, “Ready for a HALEucinating moment? Tyler Hoechlin will be back for the movie Teen Wolf on Paramount“. Happy?

For now, we don't yet know how important the hero will be on screen. After all, Tyler Hoechlin has just finished filming Season 2 of his new series titled Superman & Lois and the actor should quickly begin that of season 3. In other words, knowing that he also has a vacation to take with his family, he could be satisfied with a simple cameo of a few minutes. Nevertheless, it will always be better than nothing…

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