Teenage girl banned from TikTok because of her acne

Teen girl banned from TikTok because of her acne


A 16-year-old tiktok girl said her account was shut down because her acne was called “hard-to-watch content.” 

Eva, from Easingwold in England, said the platform's decision had made her challenge perceptions about this common skin condition.

“It's not because you have blemishes on your face. outside that you are not beautiful,” Eva told BBC News.

Eva said she created the TikTok account to offer encouragement and advice to others.



However, her original account was deleted without warning for failing to follow company guidelines.

The teenager explained that she had written an email to the company and that she had not let the situation deter her.

In a statement, TikTok said it wanted to provide a “authentic and creative platform for self-expression” .

A spokesperson for the platform openly admitted that the social network did not make the right decision. TikTok said it reconsidered the decision and reinstated the account.

“We hope Eva will continue to use TikTok to offer encouragement and guidance to others, and to share her story,” he said. -he explained to BBC News.