Tehran accuses Washington of stoking tensions in the Middle East

Tehran accuses Washington of stoking tensions in the Middle East


Iran on Sunday accused the United States of stoking tensions in the Middle East, a day after comments by US President Joe Biden who has just completed a tour of the Middle East. 

In a transparent allusion to Tehran, his sworn enemy, Mr. Biden told an audience of Arab leaders on Saturday that the United States would not “allow any country to try to dominate another in the region through military build-up, incursion, and/or threats. »

Washington, “in trying to create tension in the region has once again resorted to the policy of Iranophobia and it failed,” Iranian Foreign Affairs spokesman Nasser Kanani said in a statement. .

“These false allegations are consistent with Washington's restive […] policy in the region,” the statement continued.

A few days before the visit of the Russian president Vladimir Putin in Tehran, Mr. Biden also stressed that his country “would not turn away” from the Middle East leaving “a vacuum that could be filled by China, Russia or Iran”.

Following the meeting in Jeddah, Arab leaders and Washington called in a statement to strengthen joint deterrence capabilities “against the growing threat” posed by unmanned aerial vehicles, a likely reference to Tehran, which has disclosed ships capable of carrying drones on Friday.

Iran is accused by the United States and Israel of using drones and missiles to attack American forces and Israeli-linked ships in the Gulf , in order to destabilize the region.

In Israel, another sworn enemy of Iran, Joe Biden signed a strategic partnership against Tehran, forming a common front against Iran to ensure that it “never” acquires nuclear weapons.

For Mr. Kanani, this is “a great sign of the deception and hypocrisy” of the United States, because “they turn a blind eye to the Zionist regime as […] the largest holder of the arsenal of nuclear weapons in the region”.