Tehran accuses Zelensky of criticizing Iran for more weapons

Tehran accuses Zelensky of criticizing Iran to get more weapons


Tehran on Saturday accused Ukrainian President Volodomyr Zelensky of criticizing Iran in a bid to get more aid and weapons from the West in the conflict against Russia.< /strong> 

Iranian diplomacy was reacting to a video released Wednesday, in which the Ukrainian leader calls on the “Iranian people” to pressure his government to move away from “terror Russian” and stop delivering drones to carry out large-scale attacks in Ukraine.

“The repetition of false allegations by the President of Ukraine against the government and people of Iran” aims to “attract as much 'weapons and financial aid from Western countries,' said Iranian diplomatic spokesman Nasser Kanani.

In his video, subtitled in Persian, Voldymyr Zelensky denounces the fact that, when an Iranian-made Shahed 136 drone “hits a dormitory with students, people die, a fire breaks out, rescuers arrive, then, minutes later, a second Shahed strikes to kill rescuers.” /p>

After a series of nightly bombardments, Ukraine announced that it shot down nearly 60 Shahed drones during the nights of Thursday and Friday.

“Your Shahed terrorizing Ukraine every night means the people of Iran are being pushed further and further into the dark side of history,” Zelensky said in his video, relayed on social media in Iran.

< p>Tehran said it had supplied drones to Moscow, but assured that these deliveries had taken place before the offensive in Ukraine. “The Islamic Republic has always declared that it is opposed to the war in Ukraine,” Nasser Kanani repeated on Saturday.