Telecommuting: the virtual is well established

Télétravail: le virtuel est bien implanté

The era of teleworking to 100 % is already gone to several professionals in québec. This is the case of the thirty or nutritionists-dietitians of the Nutrition Team, which alternate between tele-consultation and physical encounters.

In mid-march, as soon as the regulation for containment is past, all the consultations in the office have stopped. The need for a transition to 100 % virtual, therefore, imposed on the within the company associated with the clinical nutrition Isabelle Huot.


Certainly, the operational systems were all adapted to the satellite, but it was necessary to focus on the logistics. “For us, the big difference was to manage the transition from office to télépratique, ensure that the service remains completely professional with the increase in the volume, which was marking,” explains Guillaume Couture, president and founder of the Nutrition Team.

Fortunately, the technical adaptations are made smooth and the customer was very positively welcomed the appointment taking place in the comfort of a home.

Of course, telecommuting requires the teleconsultation when it is a question of the practice of dietitians-nutritionists. But it offers a lot of benefits.

“In fact, at some points, it even increases productivity, ensures Guillaume Couture. Appointments can be chained rather than to move from one place to another… It allows us to focus on customer service, with the necessary adaptations. Although day-to-day, it has changed dramatically, the emphasis and time are given to different places. We were able to put the time on new technologies, ways of working, launches… ” The nutritionists-dietitians were able to intervene positively in the lives of patients. “We now use food diaries to artificial intelligence to help us to offer more. This allows us to better analyze the power in real time ; people can just take pictures of what they eat, with their phone. “

Gradual return

Even if the excitement is palpable about the return of meetings between four walls, the return will have to be done step by step. However, it is a step in the right direction.

Because if the teleconsultation has its benefits, it does not fill all. “It does not remove the need to see people in person we need for this contact and it feels it. There are non-verbal and a lot of things that can better help. This is accomplished, it is a combination of the two is a winner for patients. “

“The biggest challenge, it’s back in the office. With more than 65 partners in Quebec, with different contexts – one is in pharmacy, medical clinic, university and sports centre – there are opening times for some of the offices. We work with professionals who must follow rules that are different from each other, and we must often adapt to stricter regulations because we share places with people who have direct contact, such as physiotherapists… “

Over the next few months, what will be the proportion of encounters in tele-consultation in relation to follow-ups on the spot ? “It is difficult to say where it will balance, recognizes Guillaume Couture. But one has the impression that the virtual will always stay in the realm of morals, in practice. The pandemic has brought, it is that people have been able to try it and realized that they appreciate it enormously. ”

Overcome his / her anxiety in the event of a change

At the beginning of the crisis, Guillaume Couture has got wind of the nervousness and apprehension of nutritionists-dietitians of the Nutrition Team created by the uncertainty of the working conditions. Although he claims not to be a specialist in psychology, it applies all the same the two techniques, in his life of all the days to avoid an overdose of stress when change and instability is point.

1. Choose his fights

“My thing is to concentrate on the things I can control and let go of the things that I can’t,” he says.

2. Keep a routine

“I think the routine is important. When your life changes from one end to the other, there is still a foundation, a routine that it is important to maintain because, otherwise, one feels even more lost. “

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