Telegram: a source of disinformation on the war in Ukraine

Telegram: a source of disinformation on the war in Ukraine


Though the 'freedom convoy' is running out of steam, misinformation on Telegram forums dedicated to the trucker convoy persists, especially regarding the war in Ukraine. < /p>

Conspiracy theories are always at the heart of conversations even pushing some to give support to Russia. The involvement of Western countries in the conflict is, among other things, denounced.

Although it is difficult to attribute motivations to the people who participate in these forums, it seems that these pro-convoy forums are from disinformation about COVID-19 to disinformation about the war in Ukraine, explained an expert interviewed by Global News.

“We can see images where they share pictures of the mall in Ukraine with a swastika in the background and somehow support Putin's narrative, which is to denazify Ukraine,” said candidate Carmen Celestini. postdoctoral fellow at the Disinformation Project at Simon Fraser University. The latter adds that when shared out of context, her images can support the Russian president and justify his invasion.

Disinformation elsewhere

As the movement continues to spread fake news on Telegram, some are using other platforms to air their views on the subject.

“The mainstream media wants to convince you that we can fund Al-Qaeda and Ukrainian neo-Nazis, but that we cannot allow GoFundMe to distribute the millions raised for the Freedom Convoy,” wrote one user with 29,000 Twitter followers.

According to a report by Mythos Labs , “the volume of tweets about Ukraine sharing pro-Russian disinformation or propaganda also increased by more than 1000% in the last two weeks of February.


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