Télétoon la nuit unveils the voice cast of Red Ketchup

Télétoon la nuit unveils the voice cast of Red Ketchup


Benoît Brière, who is currently shining in the Conte pour tous “Coco Ferme”, plays FBI agent Red Ketchup in the animated series of the same name, the first season of which will be broadcast on Télétoon on night from next April. 

Émilie Bibeau, France Castel, Gabriel Lessard, Widemir Normil, Martin Villeneuve and Alain Zouvi also lend their voices to this crazy project.

Red Ketchup, who has red eyes and orange hair, is still involved in delicate missions around the world in the mid-1980s. Very clever, he gets out of trouble, not without having caused a lot of damage in his path. .

Only one person knows why Red Ketchup is constantly angry, his sister Sally (France Castel). The other characters are Peter Plywood (Gabriel Lessard), a junior Canadian Secret Service agent, Dr. K (Alain Zouvi), a malevolent scientist who wishes to neutralize Red Ketchup and the whole world, Sullivan (Widemir Normil), the head of the FBI who is as much an ally as an enemy, Olga Dynamo (Émilie Bibeau), an adversary of Red Ketchup who is her feminine and Russian version, as well as Bill Bélisle (Martin Villeneuve), a journalist who takes a close interest in Red Ketchup.< /p>

“Finding the perfect voice for Red Ketchup was quite a challenge. Benoît Brière is a versatile actor whose voice lends the toxicity and gravity proper to this tortured antihero, in addition to all the nuances of acting and humorous levels that the character commands. The other members of the cast also seduced me by each succeeding in infusing their character with all the subtleties sought, ”said director Martin Villeneuve, in a press release on Wednesday.

Produced by Jacques Bilodeau of Sphère Animation, “Red Ketchup” is adapted from the comic strip of the same name by Pierre Fournier and Réal Godbout. The first 10 episodes of the first season, which has a total of 20, will be broadcast this spring on Télétoon la nuit.