Television in Quebec: here are 7 new faces for the start of the school year

TV in Quebec: here are 7 new faces for the start of the new school year


With two daily news where the causes and emergencies will parade, we risk seeing a lot of new faces show up on our screens. Several series also introduce us to personal universes that make room for new voices. Autumn is dynamic and full of projects. Every new school year welcomes newcomers. Here are some who could stand out. 

1) Nour Belkhiria

Nour Belkhiria

She stood out at the cinema in two films who offered him rich and sensitive scores: A revision by Cathrine Therrien and Antigone by Sophie Desraspe. And Chloé Robichaud chose her for Happy Days, his next album. This law graduate, member of the Bar, not only had all the acting talent, but also all the knowledge to play a lawyer in Indefensible. She is Inès Saïd, a criminal law intern who joins the firm Lapointe-Macdonald. It is said to be effective, spontaneous and without filter, but a little blundering. Like her, we will learn the workings of the profession of criminal lawyer. She will see that the practice is not always what the theory dictated. The actress also plays Violetta in Reasonable Doubt, a young woman whose testimony can advance a delicate case.

2) Samantha Fins

Samantha Fins

It's in the youth series No Trespassing Samantha took her first steps on TV. She plays Madame Michèle, the teacher of Lolo, Justine and William. She was also one of the tenants of The Tower. And we've seen it in several commercials. But Statreally marks a turning point for the actress who regularly plays in the theater and is a pro at improvisation, performing in different leagues. In ICI Télé's daily news, she will play head nurse Audrey Milord, a hardworking woman who does not often get a break.

3) Tatiana Zinga Botao

Tatiana Zinga Botao

A graduate of the Montreal Conservatory of Dramatic Arts, Tatiana has an impressive theatrical career. She played notably under the direction of Robert Lepage in Coriolan, by Carl Béchard, in Les fourberies de Scapin and by Olivier Kemeid in L’Énéide. In 2022, she is appearing in at least four plays: Those who have evaporated, Les filles du St-Laurent (which she also plays in Paris ), The art of living and My name is Muhammad Ali,of which she cosigned the staging. She teaches African dramaturgy at the National School in addition to having founded Elles – the collective to promote Afro-Quebec artists. She also distinguished herself in the cinema in Jeune Juliette. From September, she will be Tatiana Goma, the receptionist for the Lapointe-Macdonald cabinet in the daily Indéfendable. A warm and sparkling woman with a rich background since she is a mother, and even a young grandmother. She dreams of being a criminologist.

4) Vincent Dion-Lavallée

Vincent Dion-Lavallée

After working in restaurants in Paris and London, this graduate of the Institut du tourisme et de l’hôtellerie du Québec became sous-chef at Le Pied de Cochon. He is now associated with Martin Picard with whom he has worked for several years. In particular, he manages the Cabane d'à Côté, a popular friendly restaurant in Mirabel. He is currently developing an artisanal cider house. We have also seen him regularly on the show A chef at the cabin. He is now the headliner, alongside Hélène Bourgeois-Leclerc, of the new culinary competition Le Restaurant, sur Zeste.

5) Alex Miron -Dauphin

Alex Miron-Dauphin

A non-binary artist, Mixmania fans will remember that he was from the band StepZone. Since then, Alex has worked as an actor, make-up artist, director, composer, writer and consultant. They are currently part of Géolocaliser l'amouron as one of Simon Boulerice's conquests. Alex will be from Sophie Dupuis' next film, Drag. They will also play one of Arnaud's street companions in the new series Anna et Arnaud adapted from Francine Ruel's novel presented on TVA. 

6) Kathia Rock

Kathia Rock

Kathia is a singer-songwriter whom I discovered about twenty years ago at the Innu Nikamu music festival in Malioténam, an Innu reserve located near Sept-Îles and where she is from. Magnificent voice, drum in hand, on stage she is wonderfully unifying. Her songs have taken her to Europe and all over Quebec. She was in the National Day show in Montreal this summer. But she is not satisfied with an art and touches on storytelling, dance and acting. In addition to acting in the theatre, she is in the cast of Pour toi Flora on HERE Télé, where she plays Odile, a survivor of residential schools. A resilient and generous woman looking to the future.

7) Myriam Fournier

Myriam Fournier

This actress-singer has a well-stocked CV. She performed on stage about thirty plays. Robert Lepage, René-Richard Cyr, Olivier Morin, Sébastien Dodge, Jean-Simon Traversy called on his talents. In the cinema, she is in the distribution of two films by Denis Côté: Noris et Béatriceand Répertoire des Villes Disappeared. If we had seen her in the series Belle-Baie and Discussions with my parents, she stood out by interpreting Krystelle in the last season of Faits Divers directed by Stéphane Lapointe alongside Éric Bruneau. She also finds them both in Avant le crash on ICI Télé where she is Marie-Michelle, a mother of three children who would like to flourish and carry out her projects while her spouse sees himself offer a promotion and struggle to balance work and family. Myriam will also be Hotel staff, the new TVA series. 

8) Maxime-Olivier Potvin

Maxime-Olivier Potvin

Mixmania formed many young people who still gravitate in the artistic sphere. After participating in the 3rd season, we saw him in 30 lives, he was in Isabelle Cousineau's class, played by Julie Perreault. He was also part of the musicals Sister Act and Grease produced by Just for Laughs. Since leaving the National Theater School, he has been busy and we will often see him on the small screen. He is in the cast of Sans rendez-vous and The complicated life of Léa Olivier. He also embodies a very sensitive score in A criminal case at Noovo. Alexander is accused of a murder he did not commit. While he languishes in prison, his mother does everything to clear him. He is currently filming in the series Les Bombes and The Emperor, which we will discover this winter.