Television, Music, Theater: The Great Anglesh Major Adventure

Television, music, theater: the great adventure of Anglesh Major


At 30, Anglesh Major roams between television, the boards and music. Trained in theatre, the musician actor who launched his first EP, Ephemere, in 2021, landed the role of emergency physician Marc- Olivier Morin in STAT, the daily news from ICI Télé. We also find him in the role of the villain in the series Larry aired on EXTRA. 

His character as an emergency physician in STAT was originally supposed to be a orthopedic surgeon. Then, considering that such a surgeon is rarely found in the emergency room, we changed the role to justify his constant presence on the show. 

“It’s a big challenge, explains the comedian. It's a daily. Personally, I worked at the CHUM in housekeeping for 8 years before that. So, I saw this environment a lot. To play this now is like a loop. I'm really happy.”

He says he draws inspiration from what he saw when he worked at the hospital, which keeps him from feeling unsettled. 

Son Marc-Olivier is “a cool and relaxed guy”, father of three children. “We don't really know if he's going to divorce his wife, it seems super complicated, but what we understand is that when he arrives at work, he has a kind of break in his life, continues his interpreter. When the emergency calms you down more than your life, there's a problem somewhere!”

“The army of actors”

He says he finds it incredible to play with great actors like Suzanne Clément, Patrick Labbé and Normand D'Amour. 

“I feed a lot on them,” he continues. I watch them work and I say to myself: OK, that's how they do it, how they get into the mood! It's fun to play with them, because you have no [other] choice [but] to be true. When they throw a line at you, it's so true that your line comes out true too.”

Shooting is sometimes difficult, and the actor does not hide having realized, on the set, how much the daily format comes with a steady pace. 

“It’s literally sporting, like the army of actors, says the one who says he is ready for recognition, even if he is rather a homebody in real life. I will admit to you that it is sure that it is hard […]. But there's something about me, the sporty side, that likes to go out there and go for it.”

Anglesh plays a completely opposite role to his kind ER doctor in the excellent series Larry, written by Stéphane Bourguignon and directed by Patrice Sauvé, registered since July on the EXTRA of He plays a violent and unpredictable bad boy at the head of a street gang, making misery for Larry, this ex-undercover policeman brilliantly played by Benoît Gouin. 

“Playing < em>bad boys, I really love that, launches the actor. I don't do it often, but there, playing a bad guy with guns, I was like a kid [laughs]! It's fun to play something physical too. Running, doing chases, it was really fun!”

He admits having rediscovered the series and getting carried away by the story even after filming. 

“I know the script, but with the editing, the music and the drama, but still very close to comedy, there is something so complex. I really liked it, and not because I play in it.”

The actor will also be in the cast of the series I would like that they erase me and Les révoltés, the new series by Louis Choquette for Club illico, which will star Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse and Pier-Luc Funk.