Television production: a detective series from Fox filmed in Montreal

Television production: a Fox crime series filmed in Montreal


The American network Fox has chosen Montreal for the filming of its next detective series, Alert, which will be produced in particular by actor Jamie Foxx, learned The Journal.

According to our information, the production of this new series will begin in MELS Studios in mid-September and will continue in the metropolis until January. 

Oscar-winning actor Jamie Foxx ( Ray, Django unleashed) will wear the producer hat for this project orchestrated by the giants Sony Picture Television and Fox Entertainment and intended for the Fox channel. Montreal-based Muse Entertainment will provide production services for the shoot, including providing crews of technicians, locations and equipment. 

According to an article published this week on the specialized site Deadline Hollywood, it is the American-Dominican actress Dania Ramirez (Sweet Tooth) who has been chosen to defend the main role of Alert< /em>. She will be surrounded in particular by actor Scott Caan (Hawaii Five-0). 

Scripted by John Eisendrath (The Blacklist), Alert will feature a policewoman (Ramirez) who decided to devote herself to a unit dedicated to the investigation of missing persons after having herself lost her 11-year-old son, a few years earlier. Her hope of one day finding her boy will be rekindled when her ex-husband (Caan) shows up at the police station with a recent photo proving that their son may still be alive.

Popular metropolis

In addition to this plot, which will unfold over the entire first season, each episode of Alert will feature a new missing person case, taken supported by the heroine of the series. 

Alert will be added to a long list of American series that have been filmed in Montreal in recent years. In 2021, a series from Netflix (Graymail) and another from Amazon Prime Video (The Village of Three Pines) were notably filmed in the metropolis. On the film side, remember that this summer Montreal hosted the filming of the sixth installment of the horror film series Scream (Frissons).