Telework and swimming pool: close to half of Quebecers monitor absently their children

Télétravail et piscine: près de la moitié des Québécois surveillent distraitement leurs enfants

Nearly half of parents with a swimming pool and expect to work, at least in part, out of the house this summer, the intention is to keep an eye on the bathing of their children while working, is concerned about the lifesaving Society, Quebec division.

According to a survey conducted by insurance company Allstate Canada, 43 % of parents do not hesitate to say that they will monitor their offspring and continue their work. Almost a parent of 10 (9 %) has even outright admitted that he let his children swim without supervision.

However, 87 % of drownings of children in Quebec occur when parents do not supervise not or are distracted by another task, has stressed the lifesaving Society.

“It is very dangerous to let children swim without supervision, or with a parent that can’t keep his full attention, because of constant distractions of work-related. […] Drowning is silent and can happen in 15 or 20 seconds. It is therefore essential to monitor young children at all times this summer when they are close to the pool,” argued the director of the organization in Quebec, Raynald Hawkins, by issuing a press release.

The drownings have been many in the last few weeks in Quebec, in favour of a weather forecast of more sun and periods of extreme heat. Since the beginning of the year, the lifesaving Society lists no fewer than 47 drownings, including eight children 14 years and under, including a little girl of 3 years old found in a pool of Sorel-Tracy last Friday night.

In comparison, 58 people drowned in the water bodies and swimming pools of Quebec during the year 2019.

The survey was conducted with 200 Quebec with at least one child under the age of 18 years, a swimming pool and who work in whole or in part of the house this summer.

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