Telework is an explosion in the demand for the office equipment

Le télétravail fait exploser la demande pour le matériel de bureau

The desk accessories are selling like hot cakes in the shops of Quebec because of telework, which could become permanent for some workers if the health crisis continues for a long time.

Quebecers who have adopted telework since the outbreak of the COVID-19 have almost robbed the merchants that sell online the “hardware” computer and office furniture necessary to accomplish their job at home.

“Our online sales have tripled since the beginning of the pandemic,” says Daniel Moses, president of Ugoburo, a supplier in quebec.

“During this time of the year, which is pretty quiet usually, one received a ten-line orders per day. Since the pandemic, it has mounted up to 275 for a day. This is our record ! And it’s not down yet. It still gets a hundred a day ! ” enthuses Suzanne Bergeron, supervisor at Buropro Quote from Drummondville, who does not sell, however, not as office equipment.

The websites of Brassardburo and Buropro Quote, which hold, respectively, of the branches in the eastern and central Quebec, have experienced an explosion of orders for the headsets, printers, stationery, filing cabinets, shredders, mice, keyboards, ink cartridges, etc

Out of stock

“The webcams have quickly found out of stock “, emphasizes Joanne Guy, director of the shop school of Brassardburo.

In some cases, it evaluates to have sold in two months the number of products that took about two years to sell out.

The shift increases toward telework has pushed many canadians to experience a “baptism” computer accelerated.

At Bestbuy, the service of computer support “Geek Squad” has been bombarded with questions from buyers who want to know how to connect it to their new home technologies.

“People were looking to really recreate the office that they could be at work. It is impressive to see how they have quickly adapted, ” says the spokesperson, Thierry Lopez.

Two months after the beginning of the pandemic, the enthusiasm for the material working at home is still going strong, especially for the ergonomic chairs.

Finish chair kitchen

The stores that have opened their doors since the may 4, receive employees who have recently learned that they will be working on the house for several more months. For them, the chair of the kitchen is no longer suitable.

“Every hour, I sell chairs work. It is this which is the most popular, ” says Stéphane Latulippe, director of the furniture in Denis office Supplies and furniture.

Fannie Cloutier, in charge of the accounts for Furnishing MBH, receives each day from customers who want to ergonomic chairs.

“People come and buy. They don’t do the shopping “, she noted.

The president of Ugoburo believes that teleworking could continue for a year.

“There is a whole reorganization that is being done. It’s going to be a very, very big impact on the future design of office layouts, ” explains Mr. Moses.

Some tips for a better telecommuting

  • Ideally, set up his work desk in a closed space, well lit… and away from the television and the parts in disorder would want to do the cleaning.
  • If the work area is open, provide earplugs or headphones to not hear the noises that might distract.
  • If you use a laptop, add a second screen, a mouse and a keyboard independent, in order to avoid muscle tension.
  • The desk or work table must enable the filing of the forearm when it is necessary to write with the keyboard.
  • The computer screen must be raised to the height of the eyes.
  • If one must write on the keyboard while talking on the phone, wear a headset instead of retaining the cell phone or the handset between the neck and shoulder to free up their hands.
  • Have a chair that allows you to minimally adjust the height so that the feet touch the ground and that the hips are slightly elevated compared to the knees.
  • If this posture is not possible, small people have the advantage to provide a foot rest which will promote the circulation of the blood.

Source : Manon Tessier, ergonomist at Sinergo

Some of the products designed in Quebec

Office Swell

The company Woodstock and co., located in Blainville, has recently developed the new office Swell, designed for solid timber to 100 %. This aims to respond to the strong demand for new teleworkers, who will have to “work” at home for a long time. The office, scandinavian-style ” mid-century “, is offered in two sizes (48 and 60 inches) and it can be made from three wood species here, either maple, oak and walnut. It is of the hardest woods in North America. The couple of entrepreneurs can offer these low prices because he delivers the furniture directly to customers who order online, without any intermediary.

  • Prices between $ 1200 and 1725 $

Arms Humanscale

The team of Oburo, of Montreal, is quickly set-mode “solutions COVID-19” to offer a variety of furniture and accessories suited to the reality of new workers to the house. The specialists take into account the ergonomic needs of clients to promote their well-being and productivity. For example, this arm Humanscale enables, in particular, raise the computer screen so that it is at the height of the eyes, as it is recommended by ergonomists.

  • Price varies according to the robustness and the number of arms required

Stapler and mouse pad antimicrobial

Brassardburo, who owns many branches in the east of Quebec, note a strong popularity for its range of antimicrobial products since the beginning of the pandemic, the COVID-19. This is the case of this stapler and the mouse pad designed with a material of which the active substances fight several bacteria, such as MRSA, E. coli and VRE, with an effectiveness rate up to 99 %.

  • Price : 46,19 $ (stapler) and 12,89 $ (mouse pad)

Table adjustable

The quebec-based company Teknion designs this table with adjustable height, which allows workers to perform their tasks by being sometimes sitting, sometimes standing. This alternation of positions during the day allows users to optimize their concentration and productivity. This table, ” Navigate “, which is manufactured in Quebec and in Canada, has four programmable settings and a coating that is soft to the touch. In particular, it is available at office Furniture MBH of Quebec.

  • Price between 1000 $ and 1200 $ (variable)

Office chair

Ugoburo, a supplier of office furniture, ergonomic of the South Shore of Montreal, recently partnered with manufacturers to produce, in the space of 72 hours, the chair YouToo to meet the urgent orders of the new teleworkers. This chair has a multitude of features ergonomic, smart, in addition to being blessed with a beautiful appearance that enhances the appearance of the home office. The chair YouToo is delivered free of charge everywhere in Quebec, in a few days.

  • Price 589 $ (discounts apply if agreement with the employer)
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