Telework: supporting people to from home

Télétravail: soutenir les gens à partir de son domicile

After six years in private practice, psychologist Carolyn Brousseau has decided to offer its interventions, online-only in February 2019. With the rapid growth experienced by the services of The Virtual Clinic since the beginning of the pandemic COVID-19, the founder did not intend to go back.

In the early stages of his project, his only fear was that customers do not have place where to consult. “This had nothing to do with the technical aspects of his practice.

“The technologies are here today and this is not something that is complicated,” she says. Have connections and software 100 % secure, there is no worry in 2020. All it takes is a laptop, a tablet or a cell phone, and everyone has it. ”

Important benefits

For this entrepreneur, and an advocate psychosocial degree in social work, the positive aspects of telework are concrete. In addition to being liberated financially, of a weight of some – more rent to pay – she loves the latitude that it provides.

“You are able to work from anywhere ; you have therefore more time slots,” she says. Consultation of night bothers me much less than before […] I have a bureau-compliant and confidential, which is directly in my house. When I have crises of emergency, when I have clients who call me and that are really not well, who have need of consultation now, I am able to meet in the immediate future. ”

In addition, the list of tasks that you can perform for Carolyn Brousseau – who now devotes himself to the development of The Virtual Clinic and the thirty health professionals equally long as in an office.

“This is not a phone ; it is by computer. See you. With our telecommunications software, we can do screen sharing, share documents, sign things. There is no limitation. ”

Stress less

Created to ensure a follow-up to its customers with quebec francophones while she was in the United States or in her home, in the Abitibi region of its service teleconsultation has quickly generated an enthusiasm on the part of his patients. These were also jettisoned a stress.

“Even when I came back, my clients appreciated the service remote because it freed them to move, and it offered better privacy. I come from a remote region – Abitibi – then when you are waiting in a room to go talk to your psychologist, there is a high chance that you cross someone you know. ”

“Not everyone is comfortable to go sit in the office of a psychologist, recalls Carolyn Brousseau. It is always more fun to be able to consult at home, in the place where it is comfortable, in your pajamas, if you want. ”

To those who would be reluctant to get help only on the web, it responds that” there are a lot of studies that demonstrate that the tele-consultation creates the same positive effects that the follow-up in the office. ”

In addition to the various psychological services provided by psychologists, social workers, psychoeducators, occupational therapists and soon to be doctors, The Virtual Clinic ( also sells therapeutic products.

3 tips to be productive at home

1 Reproduce his / her work environment

“Do you require the same routine as you imposeriez at work, says Carolyn Brousseau. It happens often that people say : oh, I’m at home, I take my coffee and relax and I stay in my pajamas and I work in my pajamas. This is the worst thing to do because you can’t ask your brain to be productive when you’re inhabited by a holiday feeling. ”

2 Have a quiet place

“Make sure you’re in a place where you are able to close the door, where the tv is closed, and that you’re not doing a load of laundry. Your load, you don’t give a if you were at work […] It allows you to avoid the distractions that you would not normally work. ”

3 Power its social side

“If, normally, you always take a break time from 10 a.m. to 10: 30 a.m. at the office […], there is nothing that prevents you to take a coffee and call your mom or your colleague working in FaceTime. Communications by phone or FaceTime come to play the same role ; one feels that one is interacting with another human being even if we can’t touch it. That’s as much of the property and it breaks the isolation. “

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