Telework: the action on the floor of the Casino to the online contacts

Télétravail: de l’action sur le plancher du Casino aux contacts virtuels

The use of Loto-Quebec for nearly 20 years, Jean-Philippe Perrott had to leave the floor of the Casino de Montréal to regret when the COVID-19 has struck. Passionate about human interactions, the chief of operations for the gaming tables of the establishment, therefore, has quickly brought his expertise to the portal online game the corporation.


Because he did not want to be twiddling your thumbs, it is launched in the virtual universe.

“With the closure of institutions, the announcement of the suspension of sales of the lottery, the sector of online gambling has been very much in demand,” he recalls. There have been people willing to lend a hand and respond to customers via phone. I was one of the first to say yes, to raise the hand.”

“When you work for an organization based on customer service, we have it in our DNA. We really want to be able to come to the assistance of this department, they are brothers, they have a high volume of applications… It is to come and remove a little stress.”

For him, the adaptation has not been more complex with customers. “I have come with the same baggage that I had in casino, I have adapted because on the phone, you do not see the person, but at the base it is the same thing… It is to listen to the customer, to fully understand and properly answer his question or concerns.”

Necessary adjustments

With the start of telework, some things have changed in the professional reality of Jean-Philippe Perrott and his colleagues. “There has been a small adjustment period; it is not everyone who has a facility with the computer. The challenge for me was to equip managers for such use through Teams…”

Upon the arrival of the pandemic, he has made it his duty to communicate with his team.

“At the beginning, it was a lot by text message, by phone,” he says. Subsequently, the organization has gone in the direction of the home; therefore, I was equipped to do video conferencing with my managers and employees. It has put in place full measures to have contact with them, keep them informed, respond to their concerns and their needs.”

Of the benefits, but…

If the work at home private Jean-Philippe Perrott of this contact with the people he cherishes so much, he has allowed to discover their talents.

“I realized that on the computer side, I’m still very good at explaining things. Especially with telecommuting and online game, the questions came up again much like the creation of an account, my computer does not show… It is always to find solutions. It becomes a little computer programmer with the client to help him access his account or to the things he wants to do.”

“I also discovered that I had a passion for it; I learned techniques with the training of online game.”

Of course, telecommuting has its good sides, but that doesn’t change the fact that he wishes that the doors of the Casino de Montréal will open soon, which is currently scheduled for 3 August.

“I am very much looking forward to this role, to be able to cross people and make sure they go well. As much as I’ve enjoyed being at home, to be close to my family and enjoy time with the kids, as much as I am looking forward to find me in my “normal”.”

Three tricks to meet the customer’s remote

Pass the physical contact to the one online or on the phone comes with its challenges. However, even if the consumer is not in front of us, there are ways to meet his expectations, says Jean-Philippe Perrott.

Change the mood

“If you answer the phone and the client is disappointed with the waiting time, that is to say, “I was so eager to talk to you about too.” It breaks the ice. It is necessary to find a unique way to be able to handle more complex situations with the client, where there are frustrations on the part of a client.”


“Often, when the client is in front of us, one is able to see [his spirit] by his reaction, his movements or non-verbal. But when he is not there, you really need to confirm with him before trying to find a solution quickly and will not respond to his needs.”

Ask the right questions

“The customer can bring you a problem or an irritant, but if they don’t ask the questions to get all the details, we can pass over a solution that could make his case.”

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