Telework: the public relations… without events

Télétravail: les relations publiques... sans événements

The public relations industry in quebec has also suffered the effects of the arrival of the COVID-19. Since march, finished the events and meetings promotional. Everything has been moved online and is relayed from a home.

Quickly, companies have long had to discuss with their clients and the media to talk about cancellations or deferrals. If the social aspect has been transformed, the adaptation has not necessarily been the most challenging.

“I realized that it was already very able to work remote, but we liked to be together, in our office at the agency, very central, very “lifestyle”, says Thara Tremblay-Nantel, president and founder of Thara Communications. All our files are in constant sharing, be it via Excel, Google Docs, Dropbox, MailChimp… Everything was already done online. With a team young enough, it is easy to say “ok, we did a FaceTime, a Zoom lens, it transfers e-mails”. Logistically speaking, it’s done better than we thought.”

Keep the link

Of course, the online appointments are numerous. It was therefore necessary to take seriously the breach, Zoom the platform are now associated with intrusion in the private life.

“More often than not, with my team and our customers, we used Google Hangout or FaceTime with which it can easily be eight on the call. When we have small groups, this is what it takes,” says Thara Tremblay-Nantel.

The adaptation was also apparent in the tasks of every day so that he had to continue to deal with the development of products and services.

“We can do a lot of things in the distance as present subjects – The Virtual Clinic that approached us during the crisis – […] offer interviews do test the services. It allows us to obtain the radiation of traditional media and influencers.”

“It is the relational aspect that takes a slap in the face. […] For the package, it minimizes the most possible: can we send the book in electronic version? Like that, everyone is more security everywhere. It fits a lot online,” says the young business woman.

Find solutions

Of course, no web communication or project does not replace the excitement of being on the scene of an event, surrounded by people. It is the lack of personal contacts that Thara Tremblay-Nantel quickly found the most difficult to assimilate. Fortunately, it is positive in nature and resilient.

“I say all the time that to be in entrepreneurship, it is necessary to have a strong leadership and a lot of recklessness also.This is one of the things that helps me get through it. […] All the world is in the same boat at the moment and it gives me nothing to put stress to stress.”

In order to do a “crippled hand” in the current context, the interested main seal all the weeks his voice to those of many of my colleagues in public relations. Together, they discuss their professional environment.

“I am someone who loves talking with people and I like basically the field of public relations. I said to myself : “why we can’t do 5-to-7 where is jase?” We try to find ideas, solutions…”


Three words to keep in mind at home



“It is sure that through it all, we are going to live a lot of emotions, so that you’re maybe not at your 110 % as you are in the life of every day,” said Thara Tremblay-Nantel. It is necessary to be benevolent to oneself; if today it’ll weighs’t see anyone, that you are more amorphous, and that you just want to take a bath or a walk, it is important to listen to each other.”


“My mother often said that it is in adversity that we recognize the great people. I say to myself : “how I can make a small difference during the crisis?”. For me, it is important to leave a positive impact in the lives of people through a career.”


“Establish a routine, just to help each other to accomplish things. Put the dial in the morning, make a list of things to do. […] I like to give me missions every day, it is good for the morale. When I put a hook to the side because it is fact, it makes me feel good.”

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