Temporary closure of a one-page denunciation

Fermeture temporaire d'une page de dénonciation

The page Instagram Victims Voices Montreal, which has contributed to the wave of denunciations in publishing the testimonies of victims, will close temporarily its messaging, the time to respond to the incessant flow of messages.

“The success of this page we is bitter in this sense – a platform incredible that allows people to get free of their traumas, [ – ], but it is heartbreaking to see how these stories are common,” one can read in an ad on the page Instagram.

Respond to all

With close to 75,000 subscribers, the directors have concluded that it is important to temporarily close the e-mail, time to respond “strictly” to all of the evidence in waiting.

“We have to do audits as several false information is in circulation. We are 100% certain of the validity of the facts stated in the testimonies that have been published,” continues the publication.

The meticulous work takes time, adds the publication, explaining that all comments are also passed to “comb”, to delete those that are “insensitive or disabling,” while keeping an eye out for other testimonials.”

New direction

Administrators will benefit from the temporary closure of the page to reorient the direction of the platform, to continue to protect the victims without provided that it does not become a “witch-hunt”.

“[T]he page is become highly toxic. It became a source of entertainment for some, leaving less and less room for survivors […]. In any case we do not wish to harm the people affected by our publications. What we want is that these people take responsibility […]”, he wrote.

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