Ten board games for sports buffs

Ten board games for sports buffs


Sports fans play it or watch it on TV. But real enthusiasts also play them when they exist in board games. And you're lucky we've taken the time to list some of the great games that feature a sports theme. 

< p>Eleven

Soccer fans already know Football Manager, a video game that lets you manage a soccer team from week to week. It has been very successful for several years. Eleven, whose French version will be released shortly, offers you exactly the same kind of experience. Solo or against other players, you will develop your team, train players, manage the budget, in short everything you see in a football club. It's for experienced players, but the rendering is superb.

Red Flame

Who knew a board game about cycling could work? And yet, this beautiful nugget is one of the best racing games currently available. The track is represented by pretty tiles that are placed end to end. You can create your own design or follow a pattern. The cyclists are beautiful colored figurines and to move them forward, you will use cards that have various values, the trick being to manage your various cards well. Game quite simple to learn and which makes you addicted because you want to improve. You can easily take a bike ride with friends.

Baseball Highlights 2045

This game only exists in English, but the texts are simple, short and familiar to baseball fans. We find ourselves in 2045 at a time when humans also face robots and cyborgs. But the science fiction stops there. In this two-player game, each player has a board that takes up a baseball field and a deck of cards that make up their team. As the game progresses, we can thank players and hire the best players on the free agent market to make the team more efficient. We will place runners on the paths who can advance according to their speed, but your opponent can also remove them. Each round of play is actually a mini game, so you can quickly play a four of seven or even embark on a season for the most manic.

Trick Shot

Be warned, it's hard to find, but well worth it. It is a fairly successful hockey simulation where by rolling dice and playing cards, we can play a rather realistic game. The use of dice adds the luck factor of hockey, but also an element where players will have to take chances. But will your temerity be rewarded? The game is nicely illustrated and makes you want to play. In addition, the rules are rather accessible for the less accustomed.


Beautiful little Quebec creation that offers a simple and effective simulation of golf. By means of cards, you will play nine or eighteen holes, it is as you wish. You will have nine cards in front of you which will allow you, by moving them, to make all the shots, hole in one or double bogey. Combos will also allow you to lower your score which is kept on a scorecard like in real golf. A light and efficient game.

Freshwater Fly

Yes it is possible to fly fish while playing a board game. Here, the mechanism is based first on the catch of fish, these are represented by cards on a board accessible to all. And the fish move in the river, so you have to adjust your cast and have the right fly to catch them. Once hooked, it will be necessary to reel in to bring the catch back into the boat. The idea of ​​the reel is taken up very well and you really have the impression of struggling with the fish before you can grab it with the net.

Coldwater Crown

From the same author as our previous proposal. It is this time a fishing tournament in which it will be necessary to capture given species, but not only. You will also need to have the highest fish weight at the end of the game to win. You may therefore catch fish that you will then release to catch larger ones of the same species. Bonus points are awarded for quickly collecting certain species. In the end, it's a bit of a race to the finish and it works really well in fairly fast games. Like Freshwater Fly, this is a very accessible game.


We admit it, it is not a board game in the pure sense of the term. It's actually a game of skill. But never mind, if you like watching the Brier, this game is for you. Find a large enough table, roll out the carpet that represents the playing surface and let your precision go. The biggest challenge is finding the right strength. After a game or two, your stones will often be in the house and you will have close matchups. There are curling scoreboard apps to make the experience even more realistic. Beer not included.

Set & Match

It is a game of flicks, but which takes up the same concept of tennis. So you will serve and there will be a rally until a player wins the point, then the game and eventually the set. It's very simple, but the simulation of tennis is surprising and really effective. Much like the game of curling, skill will come with practice and then you can play epic matches.

Camel Up

Because we have to laugh a little, we end with a game of camel racing. After all, it is indeed a very popular sport in the Arabian Peninsula and more particularly in Qatar. But back to our camels. Here, it is mostly a betting game because you will have to bet on the position of the camels at the end of each round of play and predict which one will win at the end of the game. It's crazy, very family friendly and super easy to play. Even non-players find their account there because it's a little crazy.