Tenants of the Parc-Ex(pulsed)

Les locataires du Parc-Ex(pulsés)

MONTREAL – A caravan of cyclists and cars circulated in the streets of Parc-Extension, Saturday, to denounce a phenomenon of eviction mass in this area and support the residents who are the victims.

The maturity of the leases is still scheduled for the 1st of July, even in times of pandemic COVID-19, which makes the situation more difficult.

The father of the family Mohammad Amfizguy is in legal process at the housing authority to keep his apartment and hope for the withdrawal of the eviction ordered by its owner. “The University of Montreal has just opened, so the owners buy houses cheaper, they renovate and transform them into the studio for the students. This is what my owner wants to do. He wants to increase the rent and make money, but [these owners] don’t care for downright families,” says the one who’s been fighting for six months.

Mohammed Amfizguy

The community organizer of the action Committee of Park-Extension Amy Darwish note the same thing. “With the arrival of the new campus of the [University of Montreal], we already anticipate the negative consequences in the district. Owners who have recourse to re-housing, evictions for expansion and division and change of taxation, which use the pretext of major renovations to try to put out the tenants”, she argues.

The young woman committed application to the government Legault to extend the moratorium on evictions and invest in social housing. “There was a decree that all evictions should be suspended during a public health crisis. Currently, [the government] provides for a waiver phase-out moratorium: July 6, for tenants who have had decisions with the housing authority before the 1st march and then on 20 July to those who have received their decision by the Régie after [1 march]. Then, they must find that the visits are very difficult. We do not want to person in the street during the sanitary crisis”, she explains.

For the people seeking help, Ms. Darwish proposes to inform the Office municipal d’habitation de Montréal (OMHM).

Apartments “extremely expensive”

Involved and citizens of Park-Extension, Samiha Hoffain is anxious for the citizens of his district. “We know the stories of our neighbors, our friends, we can’t ignore it. [My family and me], we are lucky. We live here since 20 years, so we pay a reasonable rent, but the apartment in front of the house is three times more expensive. On the 1st of July happens very, very quickly, so there’s a lot of people in the neighbourhood who are looking for a rental”, she says.

Mohammad Suliman has also received a notice of eviction. He is looking for an apartment in the same area, so that its children can stay in the same school. “I don’t know what to do. I have four children, I live with my wife. I am the only person working and I tried to find an apartment. I found an apartment at$ 2000 on Beaumont street, but it is too expensive. In addition, because of the COVID-19, it is really difficult to visit and find apartments”, began to lose his temper there.

Mohammad Sulman

The lawyer of Mr. Amfizguy, Alexandre B. Romano, defends his cause to the Régie du logement. He thinks that these evictions are caused by the majority because the City allows you to do the renovations. “The City could not give the permit if there are tenants in the apartment, but let’s say that it lacks leadership, critical-t-it.

The event, on Saturday, was organised in collaboration with the Front of popular action in urban redevelopment (FRAPRU).

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