Tenet : the new film from Christopher Nolan is revealed in an amazing trailer

Tenet : the new film epic from Christopher Nolan reveals

It is not yet known at what date will be released Tenet, but it is already assured of one thing : this new film from Christopher Nolan we will delight the eyes with a concept mind-blowing. And this is not the trailer, in which we find Robert Pattinson, and John David Washington, who will give us hope for something else.

New film stunning for Christopher Nolan

After Interstellar (2014) and Dunkirk (2017), Christopher Nolan will soon be back to the cinema with his new film Tenet. And as with Memento (2000) or Inception (2010), the british director is about to make us a headache with a story as powerful as it is unbelievable in scope by a dream cast including Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki, John David Washington or Clemence Poesy.

In this film, a secret agent is entrusted with the mission of preventing a Third world War. The routine for a colleague of James Bond ? Yes, but there is a twist. All of this is related to the concept of time travel and all that it has to neutralize it has not yet happened. In other words, it must face a future that is unfolding before his eyes without tampering with anything.

Travel in the time under tension

You said, Tenet should we return to the brain more than once during the viewing. And this is not the new trailer available in our slideshow that we contredira, it us promising action scenes bluffantes with the mounts upside down and the dilemmas of the powered panting. And even if the video tries to preserve a maximum of mystery about what we really expected on the screen, one is already certain of one thing : multiple viewings will be necessary for all to understand and capture the smallest detail.

Only bad news, with the health crisis that is currently hitting the world and that forces cinemas to close their rooms, it is not yet known date by which Tenet will come out. Initially announced on 22 July in France (and the 17 of July in the USA), no date is now given. As we know, Christopher Nolan definitely wants to unveil it this summer, but Warner Bros, who produced the film, wants to logically’t take a financial risk in bringing them out in classrooms that are half empty. However, the world of cinema does not expect his side only one thing : the release of a huge movie to revive the economy, a sector pause for the past 2 1/2 months.

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