Tennis: Nadal will play the Laver Cup, which was Federer's very last official tournament in 2022

Tennis: Nadal will play the Laver Cup, which was Federer's very last official tournament in 2022

L’Espagnol Rafael Nadal veut saisir toutes les opportunités de jouer qui s’offrent à lui. MAXPPP – Enric Fontcuberta

Back in Barcelona, ​​the Mallorcan hopes to continue the competition with the Laver Cup.

Rafael Nadal, who is trying to return to the circuit for what should be his final season, will be part of the European team for the Laver Cup from September 20 to 22 in Berlin, the organizers announced on Monday.

In 2022, the Laver Cup was Roger Federer's very last official tournament and Nadal, although injured, came to play the doubles alongside the main opponent of his career. The two men ended up crying.

With Alcaraz, Medvedev and Zverev in the Europe team

"Nadal joins fellow Spaniard and world No.3 Carlos Alcaraz, No.4 Daniil Medvedev and No.5 Alexander Zverev in the team Europe which will try to recover the Laver Cup under the captaincy of Björn Borg", announce the organizers in a press release.

Nadal declares himself "very happy" to participate for the fourth time in this competition initiated by Federer in 2017 and which pits a team of European players against a team of American players whose captain is John McEnroe.

He hasn’t won a tournament since Roland-Garros 2022

"At this point in my career, I really want to take advantage of every opportunity that presents itself", adds in the press release the man with 22 Grand Slam titles but who, due to injuries and pain, has not won a tournament since his 14th title at Roland-Garros in 2022 and has not even almost no longer played competitively.

For his return after more than three months of absence due in particular to abdominal pain, the Majorcan who will celebrate his 38th birthday on June 3 lost last week in the second round in Barcelona , a tournament he won twelve times.

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