Tennis: two champions would like the players to insult each other more on the ground

Tennis: two champions would like players to insult each other more on the court< /p> UPDATE DAY

Rivals insulting each other on a field or on an ice rink, what is known in English as trash talk , is almost the norm in many sports. In hockey, in basketball, as was the case during the March Madness women's final… But in professional tennis? Not really, regret a little the Americans Jessica Pegula and Coco Gauff, who are part of the world top 10 in both singles and doubles.

And especially not in women's tennis, except sometimes during the handshake at the net, pointed out the doubles champions of the Miami Masters at the WTA websiteafter their crowning glory over Leylah Fernandez and Taylor Townsend last weekend. 

Or, more slyly, behind each other's backs, Gauff revealed. “Then it comes to your ears,” added the young star of the circuit with a laugh. deadlock on the next major tournament

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Pegula and Gauff believe, however, that hearing more rivals insulting each other on the court could boost tennis' notoriety, even if not is not in the current culture of women's tennis. 

“The players do it, especially when changing sides”, pointed out the first, before her doubles partner went further: ” They do, but the mics don't pick up everything. You can't hear everything.” 

“In basketball, you can do a lot of trash talk and nobody hears [because of the noise of the crowd], remarked Pegula, world third in singles. If you do it on a tennis court, everyone in the stands, the referee and people on Twitter are going to know about it. That's why when that happens, it becomes a big story. I wish it weren't that way.”

“I believe it could attract new fans and make our sport less traditional,” she added.