Tensions with Russia: “The reality is terrible in Ukraine”, says a journalist

Tensions with Russia: “Reality is terrible in Ukraine», says a journalist


A journalist sent as special correspondent in Ukraine painted a very somber portrait of her time in the country, which is living through the throes of an armed conflict despite the absence of a declaration of war.

“The reality is terrible in Ukraine. People are caught up in this war or, even if Russia doesn't attack now, this war is a frozen front and the violence will continue for years to come,” senior OBS reporter Sara Daniel said. Benoit Dutrizac on QUB radio, Tuesday.

Passing near the front line from January 1 to 10, she was able to see firsthand the misery that afflicts Ukrainians on a daily basis.

< p>“When I visited the people there, you can still hear the shelling in the distance. Even if the war has not yet officially started, the latter are already in a constant state of war,” she lamented, pointing out that it is often the most vulnerable in society who are stuck near danger.

“It was the oldest and even the poorest people who remained prisoners of the front line, wedged between the two camps. There is no more water or electricity in the villages, and the inhabitants have to heat themselves with coal in the middle of the freezing cold”, explained Sara Daniel.

This latent violence s even made its way into the New Year's festivities, which the journalist attended.

“In the evening, when we arrived to share New Year's Eve with the Ukrainian soldiers, one of them been killed, just like that, by a Russian sniper. There are a lot of snipers trapped in this way,” she said.

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