Tepid but interesting proposal

Lukewarm, but interesting proposal


Wanting to blow hot and cold, the play Because of the sun presented at the Denise-Pelletier Theater offers a A little lukewarm, but nonetheless interesting. 

This creation by Evelyne de la Chenelière is inspired by The Stranger by Albert Camus. Part of the show takes up the framework of this famous novel published in 1942. We find Meursault there who is accused of having killed an Arab on a beach in Algiers in full sun. To this story, the author presents another that takes place in the cold in Montreal.

The cast of this show is impeccable. Mustapha Aramis demonstrates ease and sensitivity in the role of Medi as well as that of the narrator of the story. Maxim Gaudette renders this Meursault devoid of feeling well. 

With his cavernous voice from beyond the grave, Sabri Attalah sends shivers down the spine by embodying the deceased, either the Arab killed on the beach and Medi's father. Finally, Daniel Parent, Évelyne Rompré and Mounia Zahzam aptly complement the work of the two main performers.

Typically, the characters deliver monologues to the audience, deciphering their feelings rather than experiencing them through dialogue. The emotional charge is therefore quite diluted, especially since at the base, Meursault is not expressive. Medi's story should come to counterbalance this lack, but his feeling of guilt is somewhat masked by the damning reproaches of his girlfriend, which seem incomprehensible in the circumstances.

A heavy theme

Florent Siaud's staging is effective. The scenography is successful, even if the kind of aluminum cloud above the boards is perplexing.

Like the novel, this work transmits the weight of the absurdity of human life which condemns in the characters somehow. The ending, which opens up to renewal and hope, lightens this show a little, which, victim of its own destiny, carries this burden on its back.

Because du soleil ★★★1⁄2

Directed by Florent Siaud

Presented at the Denise-Pelletier Theater until October 15