Terrorists threaten to disrupt the “Eurovision-2019” – the media

The holding of the song contest is once again in jeopardy

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Террористы угрожают сорвать "Евровидение-2019" - СМИ

“Eurovision 2019” in Israel in jeopardy

The international song contest “Eurovision-2019” may not take place. Islamic terrorists threaten to disrupt the festival, which kicks off in tel Aviv next week. Read more details in the material.

After a shootout between militants and Israeli air force on Saturday, may 4, which was canceled the first concert of “Eurovision” in the city of Modiin, a terrorist group “Palestinian Islamic Jihad” declared its intention to disrupt the contest, reports The Times of Israel.

According to published information, the militants promised to increase the range of attacks to prevent the holding of “Eurovision-2019”. “We will not allow the enemy to hold a festival that would harm the Palestinian world,” reads the statement of the terrorists.

Recall that this is not the first time the competition is in jeopardy. So, March 25, from Palestine, was launched the missile that hit a residential house, located 17 kilometers from the venue of “Eurovision 2019”. Then the organizers of the competition stated that the preparation for “Eurovision” is actively conducted, and the festival do not plan to abolish.

“Eurovision-2019” in tel-Aviv will begin on 14 may. The second semi-final scheduled for may 16 and the Grand final on 18 may.

Earlier also, a new betting bookmakers, who predict a victory in “Eurovision-2019” the representative of the Netherlands Duncan Lawrence.

Watch the video on why Ukraine will not participate in “Eurovision-2019”:

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