“Tesla” Elon musk orbited the Sun

Space the electric car Elon musk Tesla Roadster made a complete circled in an orbit around the Sun

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"Тесла" Илона Маска облетела Солнце

Tesla Roadster orbited the Sun for 557 days

Tesla Roadster and Starman are now permanent inhabitants of the space. According to the website Whereisroadster, space electric completed the flight in orbit around the Sun, thus becoming a full-fledged artificial satellite of the star. This maneuver Tesla Roadster gone 557 days, also during this period, the electric vehicle traveled over 1.2 billion miles.

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Unfortunately, I can see how Starman through the Universe will not work even in a telescope. The land is currently on the opposite side of the Sun, which covers a space vehicle. The following maximum convergence with Starman will be held on November 5, 2020, when it will be located at a distance 0,346 astronomical units (50 million kilometers). At this point Tesla Roadster will be as close to Mars (7.4 million kilometers), it happens on 7 October 2020. The following maximum rapprochement will occur in 2047.

"Тесла" Илона Маска облетела Солнце

The Tesla Roadster is on the opposite side from the Sun

We will remind, in February 2018, the company SpaceX has successfully launched its own rocket, the Falcon Heavy. To demonstrate the capabilities of the missiles it was necessary to load any cargo. In order to avoid unforeseen circumstances when you first start, it was decided to not display expensive satellites, so the space went personal a sports car Elon musk Tesla Roadster. According to Mask, the launch of the Tesla Roadster will be more interesting and inspiring event.

Previously Elon Musk was preparing an ambitious space mission. Also a new invention Elon musk will give humanity telepathy.

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"Тесла" Илона Маска облетела Солнце

"Тесла" Илона Маска облетела Солнце

"Тесла" Илона Маска облетела Солнце


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