Tesla first showed the Model Y

Tesla впервые показала Model Y

The teaser was masked with surprise.Tesla revealed in a new teaser for the electric car Model Y, the presentation of which is scheduled for March 14. Image has published a press-service of Tesla, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to TSN.

New photo gives a better idea about the new model. However, the car is well visible outlines and lights, but it is unclear what will be the front part of the electric vehicle.

It’s funny that the teaser was disguised surprise especially for curious fans of the brand. So, when you try to brighten the image using the editor in the area of the plate shows the word Nice Try, that is, “Nice try.”

This inscription was amused by a lot of users of social networks, which concluded that the Tesla is clearly a step ahead from buyers.

Although the teaser does not reveal much about the Model Y, it shows that auto lights are more like spotlights Model 3 than in those that received larger sedan Model S and SUV Model X.


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