Tesla will drive the price of electric cars

First price increase will be felt by China, where the price tags on Tesla soar from 30 August

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Tesla взвинтит цены на электромобили

Tesla plans to compensate for financial losses by customers

The ongoing trade war between the US and China are already impacting many U.S. companies because of the increased duties. A number of companies as they can trying to keep the pricing policy, but other manufacturers warn of an imminent increase in the retail cost of their products. Tesla plans to compensate for financial losses to customers by raising prices.

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According to Reuters, the American manufacturer of electric cars plans to raise prices starting in China, where on August 30th, buyers will see the new price lists, where the whole range will cost more. Earlier this month Reuters reported that Tesla was considering the possibility to raise prices since September, the weakening of the Renminbi against the U.S. dollar, but the automaker decided to do it earlier than planned.

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Moreover, if a trade war between China and the US will not stop, then by December 2019 electric cars will rise in price even more. The size of the price increase is not reported, but the Ministry of Commerce of China has announced that it will reinstate tariffs of 25% on automobiles and 5% on spare parts, suspended in December last year.

The anticipated price increases will take place amid already high tensions and financial turmoil in the headquarters of Tesla. Lately the company is struggling to regain its former profit, recently faced with various problems, like the gradual loss of Federal tax incentives, the problems with production, PR failures and more.

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However, Tesla will try to ship more electric vehicles in China until December to catch up to the tariff increase.

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