TEST Could you be Miss France ? Pass the general knowledge test to find out

TEST Pourrais-tu être Miss France ? Passe le test de culture générale pour le savoir

Miss France 2020 : a test of general culture

The election of Miss France 2020 will take place on Saturday 14 December on the island of Moorea. But waiting to know who will be crowned queen of beauty to represent France, the candidates to train before the ceremony. They have even passed the famous test of general culture. You also pass the same test as the Miss !

As every year before the big election of Miss France, Miss the regional pass the test of culture in general. For this edition, 2019, the 30 young women who compete to succeed Miss France 2019, Vaimalama Chaves had to answer 40 questions in 30 minutes. This is Miss Guadeloupe, Mercy Botino, who is the better output with 35 points out of 40. And you, could you be Miss ? Answer to the test to find out. Bonus : you have the right to proposals, while the Miss did not.

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