Test of AirPods Pro : noise cancellation, comfort, and quality sound… Your ears will love

Test des AirPods Pro : suppression du bruit, confort et qualité de son... Vos oreilles vont adorer

The housing of the AirPods Pro

New small revolution in the side of Apple with the release of the surprise of the AirPods Pro. And when we say revolution, it is because these new wireless headphones are changing completely as compared to previous models. Now in-the-ear, with an active reduction of noise is really amazing, this new accessory could very quickly become indispensable. Check out our test of the AirPods Pro as well as the price and all the useful info.

With its AirPods, Apple has managed to transform our daily lives. Ultra-practices and become a true must have mode that one encounters all the corners of the streets, at work or in the course of recess, the headphones offer a real evolution, or even revolution.

A perfect fit and a comfortable soft

With its AirPods Pro, Apple update, this time on a model of intra-atrial. And it changes a lot of things, starting with the retention in the ear. If the majority of users seemed to have no problem to fit the previous models, for my part, I was only moderately serene. More posed that depressed in my ears, the AirPods were, but they were moving easily. What is type a few shots to flip through quickly the street or attempting to sneak out of the transport. Not to mention the impossibility of running with me.

With the AirPods Pro, no more stress. They are really in the ear and do not move. At all. As we walk, we run, we jump, they stay perfectly in place, without sacrificing comfort. And we can assume without risk that this will be the case for everyone thanks to its silicone ear tips with three different sizes. In case of doubt on the good tip, one – of-fit test is also available on your iPhone, be sure to select the most suited to get perfect performance. In the clear, if they fall out of your ears, it is that you do it on purpose. Which would be a bit silly, we all agree.

Test des AirPods Pro : suppression du bruit, confort et qualité de son... Vos oreilles vont adorer

The AirPods Pro in-ear with ear tips and active reduction of noise (remove noise)

The active reduction of noise landed in the Airpods Pro… and puts a gentle slap

The other (very) big news of the AirPods Pro, it is the arrival of the active reduction of noise, called “noise removal”. The purpose of this ? Eliminate all the noise pollution around you so you can focus on your music or your call, or simply to hide the ambient noise. Again, it changes a lot. It is almost disturbing to the first use.

If other brands like Samsung or Sony were already offering this option, Apple integrates intelligently with an option that you can choose to activate or not at any time. Difficult to describe, this mode should become your best friend in the transport or in an open space, to forget about all the mess around.

One of the best tests rest of simply walking out with mode “noise removal” enabled. The city looks like one of those mornings where it has snowed all night and when you walk in the streets drowned out any noise. A feeling of zen overcomes you. Cars, motorcycles, and scooters all seem to be become electric and silent, as if by a miracle. Hammers biting and power generators for the work are transformed into quiet toys that would mimic the noise to give them life.

Test des AirPods Pro : suppression du bruit, confort et qualité de son... Vos oreilles vont adorer

AirPods Pro : the test of the new headphones from Apple

Careful, all these benefits must be used in good conditions to not put you in danger. Be careful when you switch back to “noise removal” and stay attentive to what is going on around you (one thinks in particular of those that do not cross necessarily only at crosswalks when the man is green). A fashion genius, who is going to make you live the paths in subway/bus completely differently, but to use it with intelligence so.

And for those who wonder how it works, without going into details too technical, just know that the AirPods Pro use two microphones, one outside and one inside and that everything happens in the middle to transform the “noise”. It must be said that the kicker on the inside, since Apple specifies that the chip magic H1 hidden in these mini devices had to overcome not less than 200 operations each second to enable to obtain a perfect sound, whatever the shape of your ear. Small but mega tough.

Transparent to stay “aware”

Pretty incredible, the mode “noise removal” has also its opposite with the mode “Transparency” which, conversely, allows you to hear everything that is going on around you. When an announcement is made in the transport or when the mec chelou next to you at the bus stop asks you where you bought your sneakers for example. To switch from one mode to another, it is simple and intuitive, as always with Apple : either you stay supported on the sensor-the pressure of your AirPod Pro, either you go by the control center of your iPhone.

Test des AirPods Pro : suppression du bruit, confort et qualité de son... Vos oreilles vont adorer

AirPods Pro VS AirPods 2 : the differences

And level sound, it gives what ?

The AirPods Pro they provide a better sound than the AirPods ? Difficult to prove by A + B but, after a first use quick, little question : yes. In the normal mode as in the mode “noise removal”, your music and your calls seem to be boosted with good bass response. Once again, the in-the-ear there is also something to do with it. Apple also states that “the music is automatically calibrated according to the shape of your ear to provide superb audio quality, rich and consistent“.

But also…

Finally, as you may have noticed, the housing has also the right to a new design. No worries, it always returns as well in the pocket and knows how to be discreet. Level battery, the AirPods Pro can be recharged without wire, and offer 24-hour listening, up to 4.5 hours of listening on a single charge and about 1 hour of listening after only 5 minutes of charging according to the press release. Again, we are only at the beginning of our test, but nothing of concern to report. On the contrary.

It ends with the arrival of the water resistance, which should reassure the more energetic. The AirPods Pro have the right to index IPX4 and are therefore resistant to water and sweat thanks to their grid. Useful precision : water-resistant does not mean that they are resistant to the immersion. No one plunges, therefore, not in a pool with.

To summarize :

– The AirPods Pro fit perfectly in the ears and are super comfortable
– The mode “noise removal” will completely transform your journeys
– The sound quality has something to dig in the most demanding
– they always remain as discreet, pleasant and practical

The AirPods Pro is available at Apple right now for a price of 279€.

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