Tests thrown in to prioritize screening

Des tests jetés pour prioriser le dépistage

A directive of the public Health of the Chaudière-Appalaches react to it: hundreds of samples of medical tests could be thrown to the garbage cans to put all the efforts on testing the COVID-19.

The results of nearly 1000 PCR tests for the diagnosis of intestinal parasites are in-game.

In a missive sent to the relevant staff, the public Health of the Chaudière-Appalaches indicates that the stool samples sent to between 4 march and 24 June will not be processed, unless a doctor makes an application to the contrary.

Public Health wants to prioritize the tests of the COVID-19, in which the reagents used are the same as for the PCR tests.

The union believes that with different techniques, but which have proven their effectiveness, the analyses of these samples could have been made in the hospitals of Montmagny, Saint-Georges and Thetford Mines.

What the CISSS of the region responds that the health of users has not been compromised and that these tests cannot be carried out in the laboratories of the other three hospitals, because the necessary technology is not available.

The project OPTILAB centralization of laboratories, which dates from the time of the ex-minister Gaétan Barrette, has been criticised by the professional Order of medical technologists of Quebec.

Physicians have until 24 August to make their decision.

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