Texas waits for Hanna, the first hurricane of the season in the Atlantic

Le Texas attend Hanna, premier ouragan de la saison dans l’Atlantique

The Texas was preparing Saturday for the arrival of the first hurricane of the season 2020 in the Atlantic ocean, Hanna, which could cause widespread flooding, warned the meteorological services.

Carrying winds of up to 120 km/h, the hurricane category 1 (out of 5) should continue to strengthen before reaching the coast texan in the afternoon or early evening, according to the national hurricane Center (NHC).

The sea level could rise by more than 1.5 m in places and up to 45 cm of rain may fall locally in the south of Texas, a State already hit by an upsurge in the number of infections with the novel coronavirus.

According to the latest bulletin from the NHC, which has launched a warning to the floods, Hanna was at 7 a.m. (local) in the gulf of Mexico, 160 km south-east of the coastal city of Corpus Christi, crossroads of the texas oil and gas industry.

The weather service encouraged people on its trajectory to “take all necessary steps to protect themselves” and to follow the possible “evacuation orders and other instructions of local authorities”.

In the Pacific ocean, hurricane Douglas, which was reached Friday, the category 4 on the scale of Saffir-Simpson scale, is expected to gradually weaken and is approaching the archipelago-american in Hawaii.

The u.s. Agency for ocean observation and atmospheric (NOAA) announced in may that the season 2020 hurricanes would likely be “above normal” in the Atlantic, with a forecast of three to six hurricanes of category 3 or higher.

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