Text messages between the victim and a player revealed

Text messages between victim and player exposed


The young woman who allegedly suffered a gang rape involving eight hockey players from the 2018 edition of Team Canada exchanged text messages with one of them the day after the events that took place in a bedroom hotel.  

According to text exchanges obtained by the Globe and Mail and published on Tuesday, the young woman was first asked if she had gone to see the police. 

She told the player that she had spoken to her about the events. mother, and that she notified the authorities.  

“You said you had fun”, writes the player. “I was really drunk, I didn't feel well at all afterwards. But I'm not trying to get anyone in trouble,” she adds.

“I agreed to go with you, I didn't expect to see everyone after [speaking of the other players on site]. I just felt like they were making fun of me and taking advantage of me,” adds the young woman. 

In the text message exchange, the player tells the woman that she needed to fix the situation with the police. 

“You need to talk to your mom right now and fix things with the police before it gets too far. This is a serious matter that she misrepresents and could have significant implications for many people, including you,” the player wrote.

The woman apologized for any trouble this may have already caused. The player then sent several text messages over the next few hours to check if she had “corrected the situation”.

Finally, in the evening the young woman wrote to him: “I told them that I didn't I wouldn't go any further and that was a mistake. You should be okay now, so hopefully nothing more will come of it,” she wrote. 

Texts provided by players 

The text messages were shown to The Globe and Mail by lawyers for seven anonymous members of the 2018 Canadian junior hockey team. 

Lawyers declined to say which player sent the messages and no did not reveal which players they represent, adding that the information will be handled as part of ongoing investigations.

The team has been at the center of allegations regarding a multi-million dollar lawsuit that was settled by Hockey Canada in May for an undisclosed sum. 

The case is now being of an investigation by Hockey Canada, the National Hockey League and Parliament.

The woman's lawyer declined to comment, citing ongoing investigations. 

The police investigation ended without charge in February 2019, lawyers argued, after the investigator said he did not have reasonable grounds to believe a sexual assault took place. London police declined to comment.

In her statement, the woman alleged that she went to a hotel room in London, Ontario with a player and had sex with him on June 19, 2018. 

Seven other members of the Canadian Hockey League would later enter the room without his consent. She allegedly underwent a series of sexual acts to which she did not consent, the complaint states. She maintains that she felt an imminent fear of physical harm and cried at times and tried to leave the room, but was 'directed, manipulated and bullied into staying, after which she was subjected to harsh treatment. 'other sexual assaults'. 

Hockey Canada last week announced plans to reopen its investigation into the alleged rape. It had been interrupted while the police investigation unfolded, then shelved because the complainant did not wish to speak.

Since the story was made public, several members of the 2018 edition of ECJ wanted to disassociate themselves from the events.  

Former Montreal Canadiens defender Victor Mete, as well as Cal Foote, Dante Fabbro and Cale Makar, thus declared, by the through their respective agents, that they had not been involved.

The victim sought $3.55 million from the defendants in past and future financial damages and for pain, suffering and stress emotional resulting from the aggression. The final amount of the agreement has not been disclosed.