Thailand: one dead in the explosion of a car bomb

Thailand: One dead in car bomb explosion


One person died and more than 20 were injured in a car bomb explosion near a police building in Thailand, the governor of Narathiwat province reported on Tuesday (south). 

The suspect drove to the police station before abandoning his vehicle, Governor Sanan Pongsakorn told AFP.< /p>

Soon after, around noon, an explosion occurred, he said, adding that police were examining CCTV cameras to identify the suspect, and investigating his motivations.

One person died and 28 others were injured, two of them seriously, he said.

Images filmed at the scene of the explosion by local media shows a large cloud of gray smoke and firefighters putting out the fire.

A conflict, responsible for the death of more than 7,000 people, is raging in southern Thailand Since 2004, rebels in the Muslim-majority region have been fighting for greater autonomy from the state.

In September, the explosion of a bomb placed on the edge of a road had killed a policeman and injured three others.