Thank Kaminska drowned in a kiss with ex-husband at the birthday party: “have Feelings”

Слава Каминская утонула в поцелуе с экс-мужем на дне рождения: "Чувства есть"

today, 10:08

Popular Ukrainian singer Fame Kaminska, who recently divorced her husband, a plastic surgeon Edgar Kaminsky, often pleases the audience with bright posts in his Instagram.

Слава Каминская утонула в поцелуе с экс-мужем на дне рождения: "Чувства есть"

“I know you want to discuss! We the parents of their children! So, feelings might have! But everyone has their own life!” – wrote Thank Kaminska, posting that picture where they’re kissing with her ex-husband.

Note that the divorce process was accompanied by mutual accusations and quarrels. The singer stated that he did not want the divorce, and the surgeon and even admitted that he managed to make new relationships and to return to his ex-wife is not going.

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The very same artist a few days after the publication of the photos has commented on it on his page on Instagram. She said that everyone has their own life and maybe even have feelings, but first and foremost they remain the parents of the children.

The beauty said the 35-year anniversary, and then immediately to the shooting, the results of which showed in the social network. In the video that the star posted, she appeared in a sexy image of “Jessica rabbit”.

Nagado, Kaminska congratulated happy birthday to the most important girl.

Previously portal “Znayu” reported that the Glory Kaminska gave the secret to a perfect relationship.

Also, the portal “Znayu” wrote that the Glory Kaminska showed who cares about her shape.

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