Thank Kaminska first told, which divorced with her husband: “When we were having sex…”

Слава Каминская впервые рассказала, из-за чего развелась с мужем: "Когда мы занимались интимом..."

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Thank Kaminska for the first time told the whole truth about divorcing suprugom, a plastic surgeon Edgar Kaminsky.

In early summer the network blasted the news that the Glory Kaminska divorced from her husband, a plastic surgeon Edgar Kaminsky. For a long time the couple did not comment on the breakup, and only now both began to agree to a rare interview. The first broke the silence Edgar, accusing the singer in the disintegration of their family. According to him, one of the main causes of divorce was excessive jealousy of Fame.

The glory of such words stung, and she responded with a post to Instagram, calling the ex-husband hyperon (the person who catches the popularity on any topic).

And recently Thank Kaminska gave a Frank interview to Olga Gorbacheva, which lifted the veil of his relationship with ex-husband and revealed the reasons for the divorce.

Слава Каминская впервые рассказала, из-за чего развелась с мужем: "Когда мы занимались интимом..."

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According to Fame, the big role played by parents who intervened in their relationship with her husband. At first, when the parents began to help Fame and Edgar with children, it was all good. But gradually parents “occupied territory” in the personal space of the wife. And at some point, Glory realized that no longer with this site “clean.”

“It so happened that my mom “got” in a coalition with my mother-in-law. Because it was easier to press me with his authority,” admitted Glory.

And from that moment problems started. Edgar did not defend his wife before the “coalition of mothers”, becoming in their way. It’s pretty upset and offended Fame and marked the beginning of the end of their relationship.

“For me it was a problem, because in fact we are one, what are our moms? Though I never offended anyone, we always closely communicate with in-law and I liked it. However, this was my territory, and I couldn’t explain it to her… we Have parents coming in, for example, in moments when we had sex. The key opened the door and you say”hi”. Then there came some moments when it is quite too much”

Слава Каминская впервые рассказала, из-за чего развелась с мужем: "Когда мы занимались интимом..."

Such a situation adversely affect the relationship of Glory with a man.

“We have missed the point. Now I would never have allowed such a situation. My home is my home,” says Glory.

And the main reason for her divorce from her husband, according to Fame, was that they are different in their Outlook on life. In his 30 years for the singer, the main thing was family, after all, while she was firmly standing on his feet, but Edgar only had to do it, he needed the work and priorities were different.

“I wanted a family, he — of reboa. In the end, everyone got what they wanted — I got great kids, it — work”

Слава Каминская впервые рассказала, из-за чего развелась с мужем: "Когда мы занимались интимом..."

Слава Каминская впервые рассказала, из-за чего развелась с мужем: "Когда мы занимались интимом..."

While Edgar could blame the Fame the fact that she’s supposedly not doing anything, not growing, only goes to their concerts. He has devalued the status of the singer.

“At some point, he said, what are you doing here? Go song your singing? I was very hurt. And I said, look, if it weren’t for my song, there would be nothing that you have,” – said Slava.

The singer, paying tribute to the surgical talent of Edgar, said that after all such incredible popularity, he was not without her help, in particular, due to her celebrity.

Olga Gorbachev said that a man should not divorce a woman, who bore him children, but if he decided on it, you should do so with respect for women.

“Not to devalue what you have created together. How can you go and file for divorce before discussing it with a woman? And not to transfer money to the woman who is the ancestor of his family? These concessions, he spoils not only his karma, but the karma of your children,” – said Gorbachev and asked how Glory keeps “portrait of father” in their children.

Slava told me that he wanted children as much as possible spent time with his father. Moreover, in order not to injure them, were ready and hanging out, but Edgar has a great desire to have children.

We will remind, Thank Kaminska after divorce has changed beyond recognition

As reported by the portal Know.ia Kaminska showed who cares about her forms

Also Know As.Eeyore wrote, Thank Kaminska shared the joint with Lesia Nikityuk in Instagram.

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