Thank Kaminska for the first time commented on the divorce from her husband

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Слава Каминская впервые прокомментировала развод с мужем

Glory and Edgar Kaminskie

The other day my husband Glory Kaminskaya, the soloist of the group “NEANGELY”, unexpectedly filed for divorce. Information about this appeared on the official site Podolsky district court of Kyiv. The meeting was to be held today, June 12, but neither Glory nor Edgar near the court were not observed. The petition for divorce plastic surgeon Edgar Kaminsky, filed 19 APR.

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For a long time, the couple remained silent and did not comment on the rumors about their divorce. First it was Edgar, post a photo with his son Leon. The man did not mention the divorce, but he wrote that all is for the best. After that I could not resist myself Thank Kaminska. On the personal page in Instagram she published his photo and left an ironic post. Singer about the divorce said nothing, we can only guess that it is dedicated to the parting with her husband.

“This place could be Blecka, under her sad quote, with strategically veiled message to the targeted audience. But… Man dog friend, and zombies zombies zombies” – with humor written by a Ukrainian celebrity.

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Note that the news of their breakup shocked fans. The couple always seemed happy and no one expected such a complete relationship. However, the Glory told reporters that often frustrated by her husband due to overwork, and they have been omissions and scandals.

Glory and Edgar were married in July 2014. The couple has two children: 4-year-old son of Leonard and 3-year-old daughter Laura.

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Слава Каминская впервые прокомментировала развод с мужем

Слава Каминская впервые прокомментировала развод с мужем

Слава Каминская впервые прокомментировала развод с мужем


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