Thank Kaminska for the first time confirmed the divorce

The singer called himself a “divorcee”

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Слава Каминская впервые подтвердила развод

Thank Kaminska

Recently the Ukrainian show-business was shocked by the news that the Glory and Edgar Kaminskie divorced. Relevant information appeared on the website of Podolsk court. In addition, the Edgar Kaminsky commented on the breakup. But the Glory did not respond to constant questions from fans. Of course, if not to take into account the new song “DEANGELO” – “Before and after”, dedicated to the theme of separation.

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Last week Thank said 35-year anniversary, and now shares pictures from holiday. So, on one of the frames of the singer posing with the hero of the show “the Bachelor 9” Nikita Dobrynin. Thank funny photo signed, thereby officially confirming that she is divorced.

“A divorcee and live alone. Good morning, country!” – wrote Kaminska.

Слава Каминская впервые подтвердила развод

Thank Kaminska and Nikita Dobrynin

Note, the Glory and Edgar Kaminskie a son Leonard and daughter Laura. Apparently, the ex-wife agreed to joint custody, as children interact with mom and dad.

Earlier we also shared the love story of Glory and Edgar Kaminsky.

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