Thank Kaminska made a splash with a new bow: “Why are so tacky”

Слава Каминская произвела фурор новым луком: "Почему так безвкусно"

The image of the singer caused a lot of controversy.

The soloist of the Ukrainian group Neangely Thank Kaminska continues to delight fans with new photos.

Слава Каминская произвела фурор новым луком: "Почему так безвкусно"

Thank Kaminska

Your new image she posted in Instagram/

In the picture Kaminska appeared in a long skirt, dressed in her orange jacket, and above it a coat of dark-blue color. He completes this look with bright sneakers.

Слава Каминская произвела фурор новым луком: "Почему так безвкусно"

In the network divided opinion about her character:
All that was in the closet, and pulled;
Why are you so tasteless dress;
Goodbye Gypsy Sir… what? With a sense of humor;
Thank gorgeous, talented and a girl with humor. Have fun guys;
And the money is there, and the good things there, but the taste unfortunately – no!;
Classy lady;
Super cross;
Only a Shoe missing;
Luke you are always on top. You all is;
Something a whole lot, sneakers are generally not here.
Super taste dressing;
I think it is not very comfortable in this outfit;
Sneakers just fire;
Now it is fashionable to pull themselves! And trendy be;
Slavochka, you are a miracle.

It is worth Recalling that well-Known Ukrainian TV presenter and singer Regina todorenko who builds a career on Russian television and recently gave birth to her firstborn, often attracts the attention of fans of the unusual posts in Instagram. This time the celebrity has posted a video announcement of a new episode of its show “Friday with Regina”. To visit the star came well-known Russian actress Elena Armin van Buuren.

So, in the video, which appeared on page Todorenko, she interviews actress, who became famous for the role in the TV series “Kitchen”. Biography Elena Armin van Buuren became interested viewers after the TV series “Kitchen”, where the actress played a major role. Elena is involved not only in films but also in theatre. On account of Armin van Buuren many movies, and most of them are quite successful. And the actress – mother of a beautiful daughter. It decided to invite to his show Regina todorenko.

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