Thank Kaminska showed daughter the birthday girl, and the network held its breath: “Beauty in style”

Слава Каминская показала дочь-именинницу, и сеть затаила дыхание: "Красотки на стиле"

Thank Kaminska, JetSetter

today, 15:54

Famous Ukrainian singer Fame Kaminska, who recently divorced her husband, a plastic surgeon Edgar Kaminsky, has a great sense of humor, which is shared with the fans. And Thank loves attention and draws it to the person on the page in social network Instagram. So, this one’s a beauty shared with fans a sweet photo with her daughter-the birthday girl.

As you can see, the Glory took a picture with a little Laura in the big mirror, she was holding the little handle, both in white outfits. So, Thank wearing an interesting dress with an interesting decor and a sheer lace hem. Her daughter in a cute dress, interesting cut, her legs are cute shoes, and on his head a white bows. In the caption to the photo Kaminskaya wrote: “Princess feathers wanted to say a huge thank you for the congratulations. TSEM”. Fans continue to congratulate baby Laura happy birthday also fall asleep a couple of compliments.

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Слава Каминская показала дочь-именинницу, и сеть затаила дыхание: "Красотки на стиле"

We will remind, Kaminska congratulated happy birthday to the most important girl.

Previously portal “Znayu” reported that the Glory Kaminska gave the secret to a perfect relationship.

Also, the portal “Znayu” he wrote that the Glory Kaminska showed who cares about its forms.

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