Thank Kaminska showed off a perfect figure in lingerie

Слава Каминская показала идеальную фигуру в нижнем белье

The singer admitted whose songs danced like thisUkrainian singer and member of popular group “Neangely” Glory Kaminska, who previously delighted in the network extravagant clothes, finally decided to “finish” their fans and shared explicit photos in her underwear, reports the with reference to RBC-Ukraine

Spicy the actress has published on his page in Instagram.

In the photo the mother of two children posing in front of a mirror in a sporty black lingerie, showing off a chiseled figure.

“Danced Buzova …. And you?” – did the Glory of an unexpected confession.

Subscribers celebrities vying to admire her forms and harmony, and also suggest not to listen to more similar music.

“Glory, why?:) Wipe the ears with Holy water’)”; “to give Birth to 2 children and have a figure… a dream”; “a great body”; “Very beautiful!”; “Perfect”; “Your figure is just perfect!!!!”; “Buzova General health it is dangerous to listen to,” write to the followers of the singer.

Слава Каминская показала идеальную фигуру в нижнем белье

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